What to do

…when I’m knocked down?
When Makoto is knocked down, what should she do? And what should she do against someone that’s rushing her?

honestly im not joking, getting knocked down is never good.

u can fukiage UOH’s, and u can EX fukiage overlapping moves, but its not really that great an option

u can always throw. …

if someones straight up rushing u, then u got some good options w/ her c.strong c.forward. good priority all around, beats alot of stuff.



This is what you’ll do 95% of the time. You’ll get hit the other 5% when you get desperate and try a fukiage.

wake up SA 2

N- seriously

there are too many moves that can smack u out of SA2 before it starts th0…

yeah, get your mopreme on and block low.

dash back, if ur not cornered or be like Izu and wakeup low short. :lol:

If you always quickstand, you’ll almost always have enough time to get up and dash back to safety before they can get on top of you. Only a few knockdown moves keep you close enough to where you have to worry about wakeup games.

yeah u trying a tech roll and dash back in a dudley rushdown…its not gonna happen cuz her dash back is like the fucking worse in 3s and marvel and cvs2 combiined…lol ok maybe not that bad but its up there

then dont dash back, but jumpback… or jump up, roundhouse or jump up EX axe… gets ppl every time =)

i concur…