What to expect at my first EVO

I am going to be attending my first EVO this year. I plan on going to EVO East and EVO Worlds this year. What can I expect I watched some of the footage from the 2005 DVD’s but I want to get some insight from you guys.

expect someone to get raped in the bathroom or parking lot.

expect a lot of hot bitches.

expect that most of the attendees are allergic to bathing and deodorant.

Expect to smell a lot like them when all is said and done.

Expect some crazy shit to go down in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Expect games

Expect Everything

Expect the unexpected.

expect to lose some monies.


Expect to have some fucked up pools.


Expect lolidansen.

I’m actually allergic to solid bar deodorant. I always use Gels.

I agree.

expect to have all your games lumped together at the same time so while playing matches in other tourneys u get disqualified from others and then when u say wtf they put u in brackets with people u came with…

oh no wait that was my first evo experience

expect lots of hype

Expect to deflower a 100 virgins.



I have to buy you premium again for this.

We will destroy their minds.

Expect Daigo to hit on you after he gets a few beers in him.

expect to come home broke

Expect a lot of broke asses ditching money matches and everyone being sweaty, smelly, and broke in general.

Expect ZERO sleep.