What to Focus on First (Still a beginner)


So after reading chapters 3 and 4 of Patrick Miller’s “Fighting Game Primer”, I was wondering what to focus on first. When I practice fighting against someone, should I focus on executing combos, or learning to read and make your own mixups? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking that you ought to have a few simple tools down before learning how to read people’s play in a match.


First, get comfortable with your character - how they move, their buttons, etc. Then defense, anti-airs, and a simple combo. You don’t need to worry about complex combos or mix-ups just yet.

I know you’re probably not playing SFIV but I found this video very helpful. He shows you that you can win by playing smart and calm and by just doing a simple combo with solid anti-airs. The match starts around the 10 minute mark.



I am actually (…well, been getting my feet wet with the 3DS version). It’s what got me wanting to be somewhat decent at SF. I have that video bookmarked. Thanks a bunch! :3

I’ve watched some of Beyond Technical before and it has some great tip videos!


You’re not really getting your feet wet with the 3DS version. It is a bad port of an old version that no one plays anymore (and no one ever played seriously). If you want to get into fighting games, pick up a game you can play with other people.


@“Trouble Brewing”

I picked up the 3DS version back in february to see if I liked the game, because I haven’t played SF since I was little (and having a portable fighter is always nice). I actually have run into quite a few people who still play it, but I’ve since bought USFIV. It’s all good. :wink: