What to keep in mind


What do u guys keep on your mind when you play? like flowcharts or other forms of strategies or empty mind etc?


Hard to answer really.

Short answer: probably mostly matchup stuff. (e.g. ‘remember you can punish x with y’ or ‘don’t use this move it will get stuffed’.)

The other main thing is keeping a mental note of your opponent. (e.g. ‘has trouble with crossups’ or ‘doesn’t know how to punish this move’ or ‘looks like he is fishing for ultra, don’t jump’.) If you want to get more advanced this can work both ways; know what your opponent knows about you. If you’ve always used/abused a particular combo or setup or mixup, know that your opponent knows this too. Then you can begin to mix up more effectively. Obviously, don’t run before you can walk, mindgames can’t be learned off a forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t keep an entirely empty mind. Remember what you did 10 seconds ago, in case it was something stupid that you shouldn’t repeat.


I try to remember distance and punishment. I dont believe in flowcharts.

As the game goes on, I take mental notes of my opponent, like he always uppercuts on wake up, or I should overhead him whenever he is knocked down or he cant stop crossups!


Usually i would load myself up with matchup knowledge and try to apply them. Once i got hands on experience with what does what vs X character, i would usually tend to try to understand what the other guy would want from me, and what the other guy is thinking/might do in a certain situation. Then counter appropriately while going on the offense to keep him/her guessing.

At the start of Round 1 i usually throw out certain things to see how the other guy reacts so i can gauge what their mindset is and calculate the risks i can take. Usually the first round is where you gather information, and you can use that to gauge the next round(s).


It depends on what character I’m facing. If I’m up against a defensive character I play more reserved till I figure what they punish. When up against anyone else I’m in autopilot till you give me a reason not to be.


A lot of good stuff already posted, one thing that I have been pretty bad at sometimes is when I come into a match with prior knowledge of the matchup and what works where and end up playing someone with a wholly different style than what I’m used to. Then it’s best to try to empty your mind of a lot of the things you know about the matchup. So it’s a very fluid flexible thing since you’ll play people who play characters very differently.

Usually there is some universal stuff to keep in mind though, I know this move beats that move, I am at an advantage at this distance, a disadvantage at this distance, etc.


Playing sim, the only thing that goes through my mind is “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”. Then they jump, my AA trades and I’m still losing.

To give a more serious response, constantly re-adjusting my range and observing their patterns.


This is a vague question.


I focus on triggering my endorphins.


LOL, Grappler Baki reference. Man that had me, you and Jason crackin up. I forgot about that.


to have fun


I usually play normal and try to wait for something stupid, if the opponent is good though that probably won’t happen so i have to poke em’ into getting aggresive or some crap like that i dunno’.


another thing people should focus on is trying not to lose their focus. Sometime things go wrong but always keep your cool and try to make the fight go your way. I notice lots of people for instance when they are low on health they will do lots of unnecessary jumps and just completely lose their game plan. They to keep calm if your getting raped up close take a set back and rethink your strat. There is 99 sec in a round use it wisely.


:frowning: so fucking true I have a feeling that was out of frustration that antiair always trades, that’s why I play Dhalsim on HDR only…at least he’s top tier there:). I’ll be happy once Fei gets safer Rekka Kens and higher priority AA’s for Dhalsim that come out faster.


Getting on topic, you should spend like 90% of your time reacting to known patterns and 10% of your time should be dedicated to figuring out your opponent because there are only a few small mental notes to take about an opponent’s mindset.These are from the shoryuken wiki for street fighter II, here are the most common and probably the only things you should be thinking about. It’s street fighter not chess, more doing less thinking.

* Inability to consistently reverse throws
* Inability to consistently reverse meaties
* Wanting to use the super as soon as the meter is full
* Going for the "revenge super" after getting hit by something big
* Overaggression (ex: always going for the reversal DP)
* Panic moves (ex: throwing away the super, jumping back to the corner, or blatantly jumping at the opponent when in a really tight spot)
* Lack of knowledge (ex: opponent keeps trying to Tiger Uppercut Sim's j.Forward, not knowing that Tiger Uppercut loses cleanly)
* Patterns (ex: always doing a second Shoryuken if the first one whiffs)