What to learn next?



Hello I have been practicing Dudley and I think I’m good with him. The only thing is that since some people suggested that I don’t play online I don’t. I think I am ready to play a few ranked matches. I’ve learned some of his basic combos, anti airs and etc. It’s been about a month since I’ve posted the other thread http://shoryuken.com/f333/need-help-im-complete-noob-need-dudley-tutor-260963/. But should I play some Endless Battles or keep going to training mode or should I start playing ranked matches? And also If anyone would like to play some mirror matches or matches in general let me know.


No matter what your technical skill is, you will never get better until you start playing people. Do online first since most people will actually kick you out of Endless Battle if you don’t have enough PP’s because PP’s magically indicate that you are good at the game. Lawl. Also, this is what the questions thread is for buddy.