What to look for in a cable modem?

so im about to switch from DSLto cable internet. i dont want to spend the $70 the cable company is charging for a cable modem. so i plan on buying my own. but im not to sure on what i should be looking for in a cable modem?

Here you can rent one for 5 dollars a month.

I know this because I recently broke the one I bought by throwing it against a wall.

I am a smart responsible person.

^ where can i rent one??

I guess you have to move to the EC and get dat Comcast. I have no idea how it works in Tempe. Maybe you should call and ask if they have a renting option?

^ $5 is alot when you think about it. might just be better to invest in my own. thats why im asking what i should be looking for

Unless you know a lot about networking just look for this.

  1. Something easy to use.
  2. Something with AT LEAST a 2 year warranty.
  3. Something that complies to the latest DOCSIS standard. (I haven’t looked in a while so no clue which is the latest, I’m sure you can google it and find out).

I’d suggest Cisco-Linksys products but that is just a personal preference. Its pretty easy to find a dirt cheap Modem if you know where to look. Ebay used to slang brand new models for 1/4th of the price back in the day. I’m sure even local vendors probably keep a bunch around for cheap also.

^ i know an okay amout about networking. im actually taking cisco networking in school right now.

Ok amount works at LAN parties and for selling patch cable to broke students on college campuses =P

all kidding aside if you have a basic understanding you should be pretty good to omit the “easy to use” part.

Warranty should always be mandatory on any networking/computer hardware even the best brands will cut out on you randomly. Also don’t buy anything without reading reviews from multiple sources you should always do your research to make sure you’re making the most informed purchase possible.

I’m sure if you post a topic or have this moved to Tech Talk you can get more informative answers.

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Get Comcast!

(The only thing I have against Comcast is the price and them randomly “updating their servers” at 3 AM once a month… they figure I don’t need my interwebz at 3:00 AM, but I DO!)