What to work on next?

I picked the game off live arcade at the beginning of january. It’s my first street fighter game that I’ve put more than a couple minutes into (I grew up with MK and moved onto guilty gear). I’ve spent my time in what I think is intelligent ways. I’ve done arcade to see what the computers use, try similar things when I play that character, and build off of it. I play with friends in player matches learning a thing or two, and experimenting with hitboxes in training mode. I’m coming along nicely, but I’ve come at a crossroads of alot of things I’m just not good at that I’ll need to really compete. I know I would get it all with enough time, but surely there most be an order that could benefit me the fastest? Here’s my list, as far as I know:

-Combos, I’ve read about them, watched videos, but can’t for the life of me pull off more than 2 moves.

-Reversals, not exactly easy to work on in training mode, I can pull it off about 10% of the time, although I’m sure it’ld be easier without a 360 pad

-Tick throws/combo setups in general, never could set it up, I just haven’t developed the speed with the pad I guess, don’t think I’ve ever gotten a proper one off :sad:

-Charge characters, I’ve seen them played very aggressively very well, but I can’t quite get the hang of charging without turtling in the fetal position in a corner of the screen, I’ve avoided them for the most part (Boxer excluded) and lack any finesse with these types

I play a decent mix of Ryu, Boxer, Sagat, and Cammy. Because of these lacks I’ve had to play with more reaction than aggression, and I know it’s holding me back. Suggestions on what, if anything, I should focus on?

Focus on getting enough money to buy a stick…

Combos are all practice, can’t replace it or weasel your way out of it

As for charge characters, get into the mindset that you want to be charging up at all times; especially when your character wouldn’t otherwise be free to do something else ie airborne or being hit… try playing a few matches where after every move you do you return the stick to the charge position; obviously this advice is a bit too generic but it should help to start with

Only way to get a stick in Omaha is online lol, I’m hitting up amazon this weekend, good input though =D

Like Banthur said…if you want to get competitive then get a stick. Having a stick alone will greatly increase your potential to become very competitive. Having easy access to all buttons will make reversals super easy with the piano method.

As for combos…yes it is ALL practice. You can’t just push attack buttons in fast succession. It takes proper timing and spacing. Especially with linking combos.

When it comes to charge characters…playing them came easy to me for some reason. Just try to remember that you can charge at ANYTIME so long as your in the proper charge position (Back, DownBack or Down). And just to get yourself used to it, or in the habit, you should try to always charge when you’re in the air or during knockdown. I’ll give you a Blanka example. Jump in Forward, crouching forward…Roll. In order to do this 3 hit combo you have to charge IMMEDIATELY after you jump forward. So once you hit UpForward immediately go to DownBack.