what tool?

what tool do you use to cut out the part for the joystick mount?

A router

http://slagcoin.com / http://slagcoin.com/joystick/example2.html

Slagcoins a great resource for anything stick building related

sweet thanks , got a router on the way guess i need the bits for it.

and a bushing

i hope you know how to use a router


safety first, i’m trying to get the hang of a router myself. I’ve got straight bits that came with the router (no bearing at the end) but need profiling bits with bearings at the end, the tct ones are quite expensive individually, but i’m sure you can get a case-set on ebay for really good prices.

Been watching plenty youtube videos heh, this guy for semi entertaining for a quick tut: [media=youtube]SJFlgs2W9tM[/media]