What top players have dropped their AE mains so far?

People dropping the Hong Kong Trio like roadkill covered in hot tar right now. So who all has abandoned the character that they were “always interested in and liked”(I think Tokido is the only one to admit he specifically picked a char because he is strong and not try and rationalize it with additional reasoning.) to go back to their main or a new character?

Daigo dropped Yun, looks like he is going to go back to Ryu. He experimented with Akuma but watching replays he basically played Akuma like he played Ryu and never really used any of Akuma’s unique tools or seemed to bother learning match ups or set ups and it was costing him a lot of matches. Ryu is going to be much better in 2012 than in AE so makes sense he’d go back to the char he knows best.

— Breakdown —

Daigo [S]Yun[/S] Ryu
Mago [S]Fei Long[/S] Sagat
801 Strider [S]Makoto[/S] Abel
Kazunoko [S]Yun[/S] Seth
Tokido Akuma + Seth
Banbaban [S]Yun[/S] Cammy
Ryukichikun [S]Fei Long[/S] Ryu
Xian [S]Yun[/S] Gen
Ryan Hart [S]Yun[/S] Sagat
Momochi [S]Yun[/S] Cody* (note: he did play Cody in AE but major tournaments he USUALLY used Yun.)
MarlinPie [S]Yun[/S] Cammy

Anyone got any other good info for who has dropped or added an alt?

I think i saw floe tweeting about going to juri.

Interesting, between that and the Juri player that gave Daigo some trouble recently in a gachi I wonder if maybe people are sleeping on her.

I hope Latif sticks with his Viper, but I do worry that the seismo nerf is going to really hit him hard (we all saw how often he went to that option on defense at EVO this year) Any one know if he is entertaining thoughts of a dif character?

O, I wonder if Fu*k Yun is going to stick with Yun or not, I haven’t heard of a single top Yun player yet who has decided to keep him as their main.

tokido said on a “interview” that don’t will use akuma in 2012 ver

He even said it in engrish?


What I get from the Abel forums is that 801 Strider is going from Makoto and back to Abel, which pleases me alot.

As a Makoto main that makes me sad. As a fan (but not player) of Abel that makes me happy. Still, Abel is going to be really good in 2012 and Makoto isn’t going to be bad but I think the metagame might not favor her as well. Wouldn’t surprise me though if he keeps Makoto on the backburner for certain matches.

He says something alluding to this here:

Neurosis apparently drops Bison for Juri. Don’t know if that’s final.

hasn’t neurosis always been using juri? I thought he used 3+ characters in the arcades, but only bison for tournaments.

He said that IF Akuma got too weak, then he would make a switch. He did NOT say that he IS, for sure, switching.

Tokido will never leave Akuma.

No kidding.

Neurosis already has a master ranked Juri and Yang in japan for a while.

I played nemo not too long ago against his yang/Yun. I can’t see him changing despite the changes.

Afaik Haikuwar is still with Rufus :wink:

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Daigo go to ryu and leave Yun
Iyo keep Ibuki
Mago leave Feilong to take Sagat

Are you suggesting that

  1. Viper is somehow not a top tier in 2012 any more
  2. Latif could compete with top players without burn kicks

Both seem pretty crazy to me right now.

Viper now has a 1,000-stun combo that can practically be used in a real match. I don’t think Latif is switching.