What top players have dropped their AE mains so far?

I don’t drop a character based on what a top player is using – I just don’t pick up anyone I see being over used because chances are it’s only for a limited time because if everyone and their moms are using them for easy wins, they’re going to get nerfed and everyone will be looking for the next flavor of the month. Plus, I’d rather stand out from the crowd, so lean towards characters I rarely run into or see a lot of. I got sick of running into Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Sagat (who I mained at the time), so I wanted to be different.

I ventured to Hawk myself without any outside influences (because I literally saw nobody use him in Super for months), but if Marn or Justin Wong all of a sudden started using them, I wouldn’t drop my year and half of exp. with him just to be anti-establishment. True, I like the fact people think Hawk sucks, it makes me feel better to win with a shittier character because I actually outplayed you. I can’t tell you how much Hawk has upped my game in general. I get tons of hate mail when I beat people with him.

Top players wouldn’t use Hawk seriously. They want wins the easiest way possible. I don’t even have an alternate character I use for back ups in bad match ups. I just grit it out with Hawk and learn all of his disadvantages against everyone and fix them over time. It’s all Hawk, all the time for me. I’m big on character loyalty. If the character was that crappy, they wouldn’t be in the game. Is it harder to win sometimes? Well, yeah, but you can win and that’s all that matters to me.

I’ve yet to see any Hawk player in any high position in a tournament. The day I see somebody drop a powerful character for Hawk or Hakan or anyone else not on the cool kids list, is the day I’ll change my opinion on this matter.

It’s like this. Batman is on the Justice League. He has no powers. He’s just a human. Yet, he saves Superman’s ass all the damn time. Who do I think is more bad ass? Batman of course. He does more with less. I expect Superman to take out a ton of thugs with no problem. Seeing Batman do it is more entertaining.

Like I said, I’ve been rocking Hawk for almost two years now. I’m sure there are good Hawk players out there – shit I would hope so. I’m saying if you like somebody like Fei Long, Yun, or somebody else high on the tier list, then use them. If you genuinely like and identify with a character, rock them no matter where they fall on the list. I’m just saying don’t drop them at the first nerf you read for somebody who got buffed. That’s some hoe shit lol.

I’d rather work around a nerf than learn an entirely new character over again just because they look pretty on paper.

Actually in my experience a lot of wins with Hawk comes from the opponent not knowing the matchup, not from outplaying.

Oh, trust me, I’ve fought against people who know the match up extremely well. I’ve been stuck in corners and anti-aired to death with Hawk in rounds before until I adjust to their game plan and drop everything they expect me to do. Anything that’s a natural reflex for me to do, I stop and think for a nanosecond and do the opposite. Against friends I play against online quite often who catch on to my tactics, it keeps me somewhat sharp.

Works most of the time when I’m giving the match my full concentration (i.e., no music, cats kicked out my room, gf isn’t trying to hold a convo with me). I’ve made insane comebacks and they’re all from mind games. Hawk on his own isn’t going to do much, esp. if you’re getting zoned to death by a great player.

I say this because people who generally don’t understand the match up tend to get in my face and not respect my grabs and get mad when they get face planted. Either way, general strategy would tell you to play against any grappler character basically the same. Control the space and zone.

Hawk was complete ass in Super – I have no idea how I used him and got to B Rank, but I accepted he’s ass and dealt with it. In AE he got better because that EX Dive changed the game and in 2012 he’s a hair better, too. When everyone was masturbating to Yun and Yang, I was still losing with T. Hawk but slowly getting better. I guess some people don’t like losing and want to come out the gates with a character that’s powerful, has good match ups, and doesn’t require a ton of work instead of losing often, learning, becoming more in tune with the character. In the long run, sticking with a character is the better idea.

I think I heard in an interview with Ryan Hart about character loyalty in the competitive scene. He said himself he prefers quirky characters who are most likely bottom barrel tier, but he said since he was sponsored and trying to keep his sponsorship and earn money, he had to start picking the better characters (I’m paraphrasing, btw).

I understand all that, really, but I think flip-flopping after a rebalance update undermines your ability as a player to overcome things. I dunno,

Yeah if you play somebody you know has experience in the mup (like your friends) it feels really great to win with Hawk since he’s pretty much the worst character in the game with Hakan and Dan. On the other hand it’s also hilarious to troll people who are unfamiliar to Thunder with cross up Condor Dive, whiff Spires and such. I’ve got a 15k+ T.Hawk on GFWL, just so much fun to play with him… But this is going waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off topic so lets end it.

Any word on who Fuudo will be playing in 2012?

I heard he’s considering T.Hawk


Also, pacman3d or whatever,(the guy talking about playing Hawk) maybe you should read this:

"Exhibit B is that these scrubs also seem to like thinking that theyre “fighting the power” by picking unpopular or weak characters- that theyre “rebels”. Since they cant win, they attempt to squeeze value out of the very act of picking the “victims” of unbalanced games. Now theres obviously nothing wrong with picking a character you like, but these scrubs pick weak characters precisely BECAUSE theyre weak. WTF. Newsflash: you dont “fight the power” simply by playing weak characters. Theyre in such a hurry to buck the system by playing their own “wacky” characters that they dont realize this is only half the battle. You dont get props merely for selecting some weird character- you get props for WINNING with the weird character, in ways people hadnt previously seen. You are not cool just for being wacky- theres nothing cool about moving the select cursor and hitting a button. Its your play that counts. A lot of players playing “wacky” characters dont use them as a format for experimentation and discovery- they use them as an excuse for losing. The reason they got mercilessly beat down is because they were TOO COOL to try and really win. Dud.

  • Play who you like, but play to win, or dont bother."*

you going on about Hawk the way you were made me think of this. Something to consider man.

on topic - I think it’s kind of funny that Diago is going back to Ryu. I think he is doing it simply because he is most familiar w/ him and doesn’t really know if any other character will be extremely strong. I think this is pretty evident by his jumping around from akuma and cammy. He was searching for an extra edge but I think that he believes no character has it and thus he goes back the the character he knows best. Maybe he’ll let his skills do the talking this year. only time will tell.

Fuudo still maining Fei Long in 2012 having a fair bit of trouble but he is improving:
Fuudo (Fei Long) 6 – 0 ☆Shin ☆ (Juri)
Fuudo (Fei Long) 8 – 3 Yaruo 3 (Ryu)
Fuudo (Fei Long) 5 – 6 Gacha Boy (Adon)

Some recent results posted on eventhubs. I had originally put some of the players keeping their mains in the original post, but I realized that it was going to get VERY full if I posted top players who aren’t switching.

Haneyama is playing Juri these days.

Infiltration really looks like he might switch to Gouken. Not sure though.

Banbaban is still playing Yun too. I don’t know where you got Cammy from.


Mvc 3 Hsien-Ko.

I wonder how long players will be jockeying and switching characters.

Figured if he was running Cammy that often on a new card good chance he was dropping Yun.

… or he has too much free time + no fulltime job. that kinda stuff aint rare here

You’re right. I just saw his Cammy show up on the arcade rankings. Guess he made the same switch as me haha.

Never know, as you showed he is still playing Yun (or at least trying to) Maybe he is gonna run two characters like Tokido and Infilitration seem to be currently.

Still find it interesting that I haven’t seen a single Yun, Yang, Fei Long, Makoto or Viper since 2012 came out. Do people have character loyalty anymore?

It’s not like your character is your friend. They are simply a tool.

Also Makoto just won a big japanese tournament like an hour ago, so ummm.

Latif was running Viper at SCR and WNF just last week. So far of the small handful of top level Makoto players the only one I know of that dropped her is 801 Strider. Shiro, Haitani, and V-Ryu all still maining Makoto. Plus in my experience, Makoto and Viper were never terribly popular online. 15000BP puts you at ~7 or 8th place on XBL with Makoto, nearly same amount of BP (actually a tiny bit MORE) and you aren’t even in the top 20 as M. Bison.



Its not really a “big” tournament though

It’s more of an underdog mentality than anything. Yeah, rebelling is a big part of it, too – I don’t want to be like Player X, I want to be myself. It took me about half a year to realize I never, ever see T. Hawk on a tournament stream. Maybe I miss it during the day long action, but I certainly never see him make a top 32, 16, or 8 cameo. That alone pissed me off enough to train harder and try to get out in my scene to rep Hawk. I know Hawk players exist, but we probably just end up getting blown up at tournaments lol. It’s all good, more motivation.

I don’t use him as an excuse for losing though. If I lost a fight, that’s my fault. I hate losing, yes, but I’m not about to blame my character, no matter how many flaws he or she have. I’ll blame my execution and reflexes before that. Those things can be fixed with practice. I don’t even get that pissed off about Hawk’s horrible match ups anymore. I’ve beaten a high ranking player with each bad match he has before. I know I can win, I just didn’t play right if I lost. It’s that simple.

The only reason I ever considered changing characters was when I got my arcade stick because I physically can’t do 720s on it. Changing characters is the only way I can justify $180 on that stick lol, but I still use pad for Hawk to be somewhat competitive.

Meh. I decide who I’m going to use, not Capcom and their nerf marker.

Well it was decent sized.

I haven’t dropped Makoto…I still use her for a couple match-ups. She won me hella money in SCR in money matches, she isn’t going anywhere for a while, on the contrary, she’s here to stay. I have new tech with her I want to unveil in Final Round :smiley: