What top players to watch?


I came across this list of top players for each character: http://3sdojo.weebly.com/1/post/2012/06/list-of-top-players-with-each-character.html

Since it was made in 2012 and very limited, do any of the more knowledgeable people here want to make an updated list (or link me to one) so I know who to look out for? Say maybe list 5-10 players for each character if it is possible? The reason I ask is I find myself watching say TheShend’s Game Spot Versus East vs West War videos and always skipping near the end till I find names I recognize like YSB or Tominaga.

Below are the recommendations from SRK members.

Ryu - Kuni, Vanao, Ruu, Nekomanma, Magu
Gouki - Yuki Otoko, Match, Uraken, Jiro, Kuroda, Zabi, Morikawa, TK
Dudley - Kokujin, Aiku, Rori, Kaeru, Fujiwara
Makoto - Mimora, Haitani, Tominaga, Ino
Alex - Genki, Kazuya, KSK, Sakuraba
Necro - Uni, PinoAB7, Sugiyama
Ibuki - Kuroda, Aruka, Higa
Remy - YOU, Pierrot
Urien - RX, Kuroda, Ushi!?, Pierre, Messatsu Yarou, Taihee, Nitto, rKf
Yang - K.O, Tokura ( SA 2 ), Furo (SA 2 ), Roshihikari ( SA 3 )
Twelve - Yamasaki, Kuroda
Ken - Deshiken, Matsuken, Chinta, Boss, Nuki
Chun-Li - MOV, Nuki, Rikimaru
Oro - Thanatos, Kuroda, DirtyMusic, Fugu, Koro
Yun - SHO, Gao, K.O, Mester, Nitto, Issei, Ochibi, Yakkun, Saru, 339
Q - Kuroda, TM, Key, OUT, TK
Hugo - YSB, Hayao



Give this a peek. It’s a pretty accurate and updated list IMO


Kuni, Vanao, Ruu, Nekomanma, Magu
In that order


Thanks Ryu24. I’ll update the OP with recommendations when new posts come in.


Gouki - Yuki Otoko, Match, Uraken, Jiro and Kuroda :smokin:


Dudley: Kokujin, Aiku, Rori, Kaeru

There’s not much Fujiwara footage so kind of pointless having him on the list


Makoto: Mimora, Haitani, Tominaga

btw it’s good to make sure that there’s plenty of recent footage to be found as opposed to just whose the best/was the best




Alex: Genki and Kazuya are foremost on my list followed by KSK and Sakuraba.


If kuroda Is allowed on the list, he’ll be the best with 40% the cast

Akuma, Ryu, Hugo, Sean, twelve, Q, Oro.
One can argue he’s the best with Ken, Dudley and other characters also but I’m assuming the list is based on mains only.


I’m really looking for amazing but not so famous players I can look at. If people want to put in Kuroda I have no objections.

I’m surprised you think he is the best with Twelve though. I’ve not seen his DVD yet (I’m on like volume 4 atm) but if he really is better than Yamazaki it will be a great watch.


Well Kuroda is just the master of the engine and decision making along with the technical skills, defense, and reactions combined with everything into one. So any character he picks is equipped with all those specialty.

Ive seen his 12 take down a bunch of Chuns in his DVD. Its just insane watching him play.
I think I linked you Kuroda (Hugo) vs Yamasaki (12) before. Sickest match I’ve ever seen in all my 8 years.


Necro - Uni , PinoAB7 , Sugyiama
Ibuki - Kuroda , Aruka , Higa
Remy - YOU , Pierrot
Urien - RX , Kuroda , Ushi!?
Yang - Tokura ( SA 2 ) , Furo (SA 2 ) , Roshihikari ( SA 3 )


Yeah I thought you may have based it on his DVD. I really doubt the Chuns he faces are of say Rikimaru/MOV standard though. There actually exists footage of Yamasaki beating top Chuns which is why I say that. Regardless of who is better, they are both fantastic.

I added yamasaki’s suggestions and I’ll do Twelve.


I would argue that there is enough footage, and what there is is plenty relevant.


Makoto: Ino


Oro, in no particular order:

  1. Thanatos
  2. Thanatos
  3. Thanatos
  4. Thanatos
  5. Thanatos


Besides RX, Ushi, and Kuroda I would recommend:

Pierre (inactive) (less setup oriented style with strong emphasis on footsies)
Messatsu Yarou (inactive) (a bit gimmicky with charge partitions but still worth watching)
Taihee (active)
Nitto (active)


Oro players to add - dirtymusic(haven’t seen in videos for a while), fugu, Koro


You could probably just say any character that Boss, KO, Rikimaru, Nuki, MOV or Kuroda are playing will be worth watching