What truly makes a good fighting game?

A simple question which I am sure will have a large variety of answers.

Myself, I don’t play tournaments mostly because everyone of been to(four actually) had guys so obsessed that I began to wonder whether or not they were having fun. Then after several conversations of “The game is my life” and “Fun…peh I just want to win” I figured I was correct. Off topic.

Anyway I ask because I’m looking for more than just my opinion on the matter. Current favorites are Melty Blood Act Candenza(Millenium Actress did not like) and TvC.

For Melty Blood, much like the last two there is an overwhelming lack of restraint where recklessness is rewarded at times especially with the block button and the relative ease in clashing with most characters. Its not something like BlazBlue or Street Fighter 4 which(though being good games in their own right) is why it appeals to me so. I prefer using Shiki Tohno, Akiha, and Satsuki.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom, every character was just such a joy to use. Not a single character had that “I don’t want to use this guy” inpulse in my brain. Unique, accessible, yet not so easy to master. My favorite team is Viewtiful Joe and Karas.

At the moment I’ve been reccommended a fighting game called Touhou Suimusou ~ Immaterial and Missing Power which seems very unique in that its a merger between fighting and Bullet Hell games. Until I get a copy, I’ll be playing BlazBlue(I prefer using Carl).

Honestly, I just want to know you’re favorites and to weight in on why they are considered such though I’m pretty sure a well Balanced game is universal among us…Ironic I know.

What about past games? Guilty Gear is still interesting, but what makes a good fighting game is a population that plays the fighting game great. No how unbalanced things are. There is always Virtual Fighter to play, third strike, Marvel Super Heros, Xmen vs Street Fighter, Fate Stay Night, hell Ehergiz was even fun to play back then.