What tv do you use to play hi-def fighting games competitively? ( lag related )

So Im checking threads here and also in avsforum.com about how lag occurs when playing ps3/360 fighting games on a tv ( mostly lcd ). I know that before all this hi-def era we were all happy with our good old crt tvs playing fighting games with no lag whatsoever. Im not talking about lag related to online play, but about input lag gap between the console and the display.
If one has an lcd set that lags, the solutions are supposed to be:
-Hook the console to the tv through its vga port ( not guaranteed since some models may still lag even in this port ).
-Buy an HDfury3 ( damn, damn, DAMN EXPENSIVE! )
Even if one opts to choose to use the vga connection, then the picture quality will drop and wont use the full potential of the lcd display. One will also has to buy a nice set of speakers and connect it to the audio-out port in the console systems ( too much wiring ). Another option I have read is to buy a flat screen monitor ( not tv ), but I guess an lcd will bring a better picture when playing movies, etc …
As some people say, it seems hdtvs werent designed for the hardcore gaming community ( for the people that care about input lag ), or so I think. Thats why Im making this thread. I want to ask you guys how do you handle this lag when playing games like sfiv, bb, tekken, etc … Maybe a Plasma will be better than an lcd? You all use just a pc monitor dedicated entirely for gaming? What lcd will you recommend regarding this problem?
I know one can do the guitar hero test in a display to see how much it lags, but I dont think the guys at walmart, target, bestbuy, or frys will let me connect a ps3/360 to their display to see how laggy it is ( by the way I dont own a guitar hero game or guitar ). Some say a certain line of the panasonic lcds are good, but Im not sure. I just wish there was a certain specification on the tv ( one from the list in the specifications section ) that will tell you all about this lag problem ( like GHZ, or response time, or contrast ratio ). One spec that would just say: INPUT LAG.

Pretty much any HD display at the consumer level carries some sort of display lag. There really is no avoiding it. The asus monitors that are used for evo are about as close to lag free as you’re gonna get at the consumer level (still around 1/2 frame of lag or so). My TV running VGA has about 1 frame of delay.

The best way to test any type of display lag is with a 60fps camcorder. What I do is take the footage on a SDTV then take the footage on an HDTV and compare side by side and count each frame to see how much things are actually delayed.

The next best thing I can really do is link you to this thread that has some useful information.


Yup, I already read the first post of that thread ( thats why I posted about the hdfury device, and also about using the vga ports ).
I also found a link to the famous evo monitors: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236059
Im going to do some research about playing videogames in pc monitors like the asus ones. What I can guess is that those monitors are good for lag, but not as good when playing games like final fantasy xiii, or mgs4 ( screens lower than 30" ).

i have an older samsung a550 40" lcd w/ a ps3… i was considering the hdfury… but i came across a different hdfury device that does DVI -> VGA: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=101&cp_id=10114&cs_id=1011402&p_id=4559&seq=1&format=2
i was wondering if you would be able to use that w/ a HDMI -> DVI cable and get the same results as the more expensive hdfury that does HDMI -> VGA…
Anyone with any experience with that?