What tv is best?

I would like to know what tv is best to play ssf4 on? How many inches should it be? All the specific details. Please & thank you.

I also like to ignore threads that are on the front page of this forum.

Asking a question like that without any relevant information provided is like walking up to a total stranger and asking them what kind of house or car to buy.

How far are you going to be sitting from the screen?
What’s your price range?
Do you need any specific requirements (like 1080p or 3D)?

Another approach would be to actually do some research yourself. The internet can be an amazing source of info…

I use a 40 inch Sony Bravia I think it was around 699 or even 599 on sale from bestbuy. No lag good price and a decent size. I also picked up 2 of there 32 inch bravia’s and that works great also and the old model was 299.

Don’t ask us how many inches it should be, that’s obviously your preference.
Also, if it helps; I got me a 50" Samsung Plasma TV and it has no lag at all if that’s what you care about.

I got the 50" Panasonic Viera plasma first, but was defective so I decided to try the cheaper Samsung. I’ll tell you that after an hour of tweaking the settings, I could not get the Samsung to look as good as the Panasonic one does right out of the box. I ended up going with a brand new Panasonic (vs an opened one) and have never been happier with a TV purchase. The Panasonic also has no noticeable lag in addition to looking beautiful.

I want a small tv like about 22inch, cause everytime i go to tournaments they always have a small tv or they have a small old school tv with the big butt, & the game doesnt lag at all with it. i have a 37inch 1080p tv & i feel dat it lags compare to a small tv that i have played before in tournaments. so im looking forward on buying a 22inch atleast.

A lot of tournaments use CRT (big butt) TVs because they have no lag at all. At the same time, there are a lot of great HDTVs for gaming with little-no lag. I would stick with an HDTV. What kind of TV do you have now (make/ brand/ ect)? Maybe there’s a way to improve video lag with your current setup.

The one you want is the Asus VH236H monitor. It goes for about $170 online. They are what they use at evo. Light enough to carry around with you and built in speakers good enough for home environments.

I would buy a Crt but it would take up to much space & plus its ugly at the same time, but i think imma go with pkrstdnt word and get a Asus VH236H monitor.
But the tv i have is a insignia 1080p 60Hz 37inch. dont know what else to say about the tv, i dont really like it for gaming to much.