What tv should i buy?

so i’m planning to buy a new tv soon… gotta be 1080p… 42in… plasma… not a pioneer elite… i want one that will work with the dreamcast… no lag… does anyone have or know a tv that will downscale to 480i or whatever the regular resolution is… anyone know or have a tv that is what im looking for? let me know thanks

Pull one out of the junk, fix it, and spend your money on a 3s cab. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding. Seriously, I have no idea what downscales to 480i with no latency. If anyone knows I’d like to know too, for when I can afford a high-def rig.

I really wish the Wii had DVI output. ><

no HD TVs downscale, they all up scale, at least from 480i. In which case you’re probably gonna have lag.

My suggestion is and always has been to purchase a nice Trinitron Wega tube television for all your legacy gaming systems. They are cheap and the best for playing fighting games on. When my 27’’ finally blows up on me I will cry.

qff (fighters)