What TV's/arcade monitors do you use with your supergun for UMK3?


My computer monitor with composite/s-video/component inputs just gives me a blue screen since it can’t sync with the v-freq that the game outputs.

I’ve tried the only CRT TV that I have at home with at least a composite connection and I get a rolling screen. I’d rather not use an even older TV with only an RF connection. So I’m wondering what do you use to play your arcade board of the earlier MK games on?


What are you using to convert the arcade video into something that can display on a TV/monitor?


JROK, it doesn’t mess with the freqency or anything.


Well at tournaments on the east coast, we don’t use a SuperGun, we just use MAME. What we’ll do is use the VGA output and put that onto an HDTV which is then lagless, or even a projector in some cases and once again its lagless. What we did at East Coast Throwdown 2, however, was take the S-Video output of the laptop, convert that to composite, and then run that into the TV. Lagless every time. If you have the VGA option, always stick with it. Capturing is near impossible with VGA, but that’s not always important.


yeah, but that doesn’t help when I already have the arcade board and a working supergun. I’ll try contacting happ and see what they say.


Supergun doesn’t have VGA-out? I thought they all did.