What TVs will be used at EVO 2010?


Well, I know EVO 2009 had some ASUS VH236H monitors for SFIV. However, Tatsunoko vs Capcom is in the EVO lineup this year, and to my knowledge, those monitors do not have a component or composite input. The Wii does not have VGA, DVI, or HDMI, so I’m guessing that EVO will have other monitors for this.

My question is, has the EVO staff already decided on the monitors to be used at EVO 2010 and if so, which ones are these going to be?



they had SD CRT TVs for the PS2 games last year, I’d speculate that they’d used the same TVs for TvC this year. As well as MB.


Ohh yeah, that’s right. Does anyone know the make/model of the CRTs used? I thought they were Samsungs, but I don’t remember…


evo has either the samsung txr2035 or the txr2435 , 20" or 24" respectively, i can’t remember which size.



is EVO using the ASUS VH236H again? i’m looking to buy an HDTV to use for gaming. would people suggest that i buy this model? are there any other models known to be lagless?