What type/model of connector would I need for a cps2 -> whatever kick harness adapter

I have a blast city cab wired with a cps2 kick harness, and I’ll also be setting it up to use mame/ggpo via J-Pac. I’d like to make a cps2 adapter that attaches to the J-Pac sccrew terminals so all I need to do is plug in the cps2 kick whenever I use the J-Pac.

Tried looking for a cps2-> cps1 adapter or something like that so I could make one myself with less work, but nobody seems to have one to give, and I’d like to jump on this soon. So if anyone knows the model of connector/pins I need to create a male cps2 harness connector, please let me know!


nevermind, I think I figured it out. It appears to be the DF1B-34DP-2.5DS. If anyone knows for sure if that’s right please still let me know

Yes, that’s the part # for the right angle header on the CPS2 motherboard but if you’re going to make a harness the straight header is better and easier to solder to (and you can put heat shrink on the pins). There is also a crimp version which is the most appropriate for a harness but you need to buy pins separately and a tool to crimp them.


I wish I had checked this sooner…damn my impatience! Haha, yeah I ended up deciding to use the straight plug w/ heat shrink (on straight pin SA model), because I didn’t see a crimp version. That one is definitely the cleaner solution…

Oh well- thanks anyway, that will be helpful in the future :slight_smile:

Ok- please tell me I’m just going crazy here…

I found the type of pins that I believe would be used with the crimp version, (DF1B-2022PCB). So then I see the ‘associated parts’ section with the hand crimper you would use for one of these things, and the price is 1100 bucks! For something that looks exactly like the rj-45 crimper I have that cost me like 24 bucks… I looked around online as well, and I see other hand crimpers for like 500-800 or so. What’s the deal here, why are the housings and pins the reasonable price you’d expect then the crimper is ridiculously expensive! Do I have to apply for a bank loan for one of these things? Is it hard to get approved without a down payment? Do I need good credit?

i have a $10 ratshack crimper that does pretty good on smaller crimps like that. i just looked at a kick harness and the pins will crimp fine with the ratshack one if the panel mount crimp contacts are similar to the ones on the harness.

Yup, industrial crimpers cost a lot.

I have a few $250+ Crimpers.
And that is not even gloating.
My cheapest is $90.

You’ll be crimping 2.5mm and smaller Contacts doing stuff like M K L does.

Open Barrel Terminals are cool and clean looking.
But they not easy to do.