What type of buttons are these?

looks like a really deep set concave happ button. i havent seen a button like this for a long time.

any ideas of the brand name?

Concave, Happs I would say. Argg, guess I dont know.

certainly doesnt look convex.

Shoot, that’s a very unhelpful angle! The lighting isn’t much aid either. I would have guessed it to be an old, sun-faded red Happ Ultimate.

Its bowl curve looks too deep to be a Yenox, but the plunger itself seems too short and wide to be a Wico.

reference: http://www.lizardlickamusements.com/pages/pushbuttons.shtml

i checked lizardlick a while back, i thought they were yenox at first but i’m not really sure now.

are yenox buttons better than happs?

Fuck no.

On the original Galaga cab they would have been wico leafswitch. But again the angle and the lighting make the pictured button hard to identify. It could be anything.

But the Galaga manual lists the part number as “0017-00042-0256 push button assembly” which is a wico leafswitch if you want to be authentic.

if you narrow it down to all the concave buttons on the market its either a leaf-swith or happ button, the only other difference being the height of the button, which seems lower than your average happ or wico.

suzo or wico


James123, i dont think suzo make buttons.

… wico got their buttons from suzo; info from Lizardlick

http://www.suzo.com/cataloguefiles/20.pdf PAGE 10

An original Galaga would’ve used a short leaf-switch button and deep holder, I actually just got through putting some on the Galaga in my shop. Who made them over 25 years ago is anybody’s guess… the “original” Wico probably, before they were bought out by PAL and started to suck…


possibly mcas’s

can i still buy the original wicos?