What type of joystick does the mayflash arcade stick have?

Anyone know what type of joystick is in this arcade stick, is it a square gate?, because it works ok but i tend to struggle to get a ultra or super combo out on SFIV or a super combo on third strike, im thinking of modding the stick with sanwa parts but was just thinking wont I have the same problem with a JLF because it is also a square gate

Mayflash arcade sticks are square gate, budget Hori style joystick.

It’s pretty rubbish, but at the same time you shouldn’t be struggling that hard with moves. Try a decent stick with a JLF or Seimitsu first, then try swapping the gates if you want. If you’re still having trouble then it’s simply your poor execution skills.

Would i be better with a octagon gate on a JLF if im used to a IL Eurostick because I think that is what they have at the arcade and I can play perfectly fine at the arcade

The Mayflash joystick is bad but it does surprisingly use actual Omron microswitches. Low end Hori sticks use their own knockoff switches.

With a bit of work you can install a JLF in it and mod it to feel similar to an IL Eurostick, or you can go for one of the many Seimitsu sticks, but nothing will feel quite the same as an actual Eurostick which unfortunately will not fit inside the Mayflash case. Keep in mind that IL sticks use circle gates and not octagonal.

Thanks for replying, I made the mistake of buying the two worst joysticks on the market about 3 years ago, the mayflash stick and the xarcade solo, so really want to start my whole arcade feel home gaming experience again, I’ve decided to go for the arcade in a box but since I’ve got the mayflash stick I thought I might as well utilise it so I have two working sticks and I can play with friends etc What would be the best way to make the JLF feel similiar to a IL Eurostick? , Also im not going to bother modding the xarcade solo anymore as I’ve already replaced the joystick with a happ competition and it still sucks, partly because of the buttons and the rubbish pcb and the fact that I found out that happ dont make good the same quality joystick anymore, so modding that would be an even bigger investment

It would be worth your while and your wallet to mod your X-Arcade Solo with an IL Eurostick, IL buttons, and replace the PCB with a Cthulhu, but if you have money to spend then an AIAB stick is a great choice.

As for modding a JLF, I’ve seen people here on SRK tech talk mod their joystick with added springs, octo/circle gates, and bat-top handles. I don’t have any personal experience with it myself because I got used to it stock.

Properly mounting and wiring a JLF in a Mayflash will probably be more difficult than modding X-Arcade Solo for the simple fact that the Mayflash PCB is not common ground, so you’ll have to cut ground traces on your JLF PCB and solder the wires directly to the switches.

I need two fully functional sticks though, so looking at what you have advised, i’l probably mod the xarcade rather than the mayflash and buy an AIAB stick, will replacing the PCB be straight forward?

It’s pretty straightforward. The Cthulhu PCB has all the buttons/directions labeled and it is solder-free with screw-in terminals for the wires. You can use the existing wires in the X-Arcade by cutting and stripping them.

You can buy the PCB, USB cable, and more here: http://godlikecontrols.com
And more info in Cthulhu PCBs here: The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!

The Cthulhu is for PS3/PC only. If you want PS2 support, there’s the Multi-Console Cthulhu which requires more work putting together the cables.

Can anyone who modded this stick tell me what type of Omron microswitches this stick uses? I am going to order some electro stuff and microswitches for another joystick soon and I would order spare ones for Mayflash Arcade Stick too in one order.
I do not plan to mod it, it satisfies my needs well (I like the buttons, really) so there is no reason for opening it now and check it by myself (and it’s still under warranty).

I just get the same switches that go in a Sanwa JLF.
Both are made by Omron, and the differences are too slight to be noticed.

If you want something that feels like an IL Eurostick, get an IL Eurostick.

And what type is it, what’s written on them please?