What type of screws are needed for the SFAC & Happ stick

Hey guys,

Just trying to get this stick into my SFAC, I noticed I need some screws to hold the joystick in place. Does anyone have any details on what type of screws are needed?


I think for a happ competition you need 6-32. Just take the stick to the hardware store.

That’s pretty much what I wanted to avoid because I’m fat and lazy. :rofl:

I’ve just ran into the same problem. I went to Home Depot and they didn’t have that small of a carriage bolt so I ended up with #8-32 Round Head Slotted machine screws.
Round head was a bad idea, as the skin on my wrist is now sorry.

I used the smaller holes on my Happ Comp.
I also used flat head machine screws and countersunk the holes so they would mount flush on the wood and under the plexi.

I usually go to OSH or Ace Hardware rather than Home Depot for bolts and stuff.

But how did the SFAC mount the stick beforehand? I don’t really want to go drilling new holes.