What type of stick should i get?

I cant decide whether i should get a Qanba or a TE. theyre both nice and i can get them both for around the same price. anyone have any input about which i should get.

Go with the TE cause it’s good right out of the box and there is ton of support out there if you ever want to mod it.


support + best stock parts ever*

*if you like sanwa denshi

well the Qanba comes stock with Sanwa parts as well. The Q3 is wireless and the other Qanba’s are wired i guess if i were to go with a wired stick then i should go with a TE since it has the cable compartment.

Wireless sticks have lag but it seems like the qanba would also be a good choice, based on what im seeing here, get the wired one if youre getting a qanba…

That stick is mad sexy but currently out of my affordability range :sad: well at least I’m not shouting TE every time one of these threads come out, because although it has many great features, I’ll be the first to admit its not the best stick around…

EDIT: Both of them are really good, just buy whatever one you want, although I’m not sure if Qanbas have the ability to be dual modded might want to check that out bro…

I think i might just go with the Qanba bc from what i can tell with the TE is that the joystick is actually spot welded on. AAnd the Qanba is screwed in so if somethign were to go wrong i would assume the Qanba would be easier to replace the parts

No, the joystick is not welded onto the TE panel, it is screwed onto a mounting bracket that is welded on. The TE stick and the Qanba stick are both equally as easy to mod if you want to replace the parts.

The biggest difference would be that the Qanba stick has the joystick mounted considerably lower than what is typical for a Japanese joystick. The typical height of a Japanese joystick’s shaft above the panel is 23-24 mm. The TE stick has a 22.5 mm shaft and the Qanba has 20 mm.

thanks for clarifying that. im just not sure which i should get. i guess its gonna come down to accessibility of where i can get it. if i can find somewhere near by with a TE ill get that otherwise if i can find a site with free shipping, prolly be EBAY, ill get the qanba.

Today is the last day for the Madcatz NCR sale:

Even with sales tax the total price for a TE stick would be >$120 and the shipping is free. Take advantage of it while you can.

How does the HRAP3 SA compare to the TE and the Qanba?

The joystick sticky thread answers all your questions. Might want to check it out instead of waiting on people’s answers.

i read through that sticky just now. Between all of the sticks what has the most reliable electronics for PS3? thats my main thing the gamestop by my house has a MvC TE for $140 that im thinking about getting but if the electronics arent that reliable then i need to look at something else.

It’s the same thing that’s in the TE, So it is reliable, The only difference is the button layout (no not the position of the button’s) meaning Square Circle Triangle X, Aren’t in the same places as the TE but it shouldn’t effect you that much and if you really want to change it around it’s really easy there’s a tutorial probably somewhere on here if not someone can help you

I just said screw it and got the SE. im gonna mod it next week when i get paid again. does anyone know if the SE will fit an LS-32??

Te ftw!

IMO there’s only a tight margin of difference:
-Madcatz and Hori are perhaps the two main sticks to choose from reputation
-Price wise and quality, the Qanba 3 and 2 really wins by a bit. Q3 is not tourney legal being only wireless.
-Q2 and Q3 both has wood cases making it easier to dual mod.
-Each Qanba stick is hand made, the sticks are way heavier than the competition and come with a plexiglass cover.
-Q2 and Q3 line-up are Sanwa standard(1xJLF stick, 8x30mm buttons, 6x24mm buttons, 6th 24mm button has no purpose, possibly there for dual mod reasons).
-Qanba support has fast replies.

I did a mini review below:

The Q3’s stick height sits the same as the TE stick:

Quite honestly in my opinion, the 3 choices are:
Original Tournament Edition Stick(I like the size better than rd.2), Qanba RAF 2/3 or Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA.

The low end sticks are too light while the Hori FS3 series require too much work while Madcatz is equipped with quick disconnects but it’s too small for me.

i just got whatever was available @ the store (gamestop) cuz i hate shopping online. it was the TE rd2.