What type of style REIGNS SUPREME?

Support your response with vaginally loose opinions. Begin!

Are you ok?

i think technical turtle are the hardest to win, cuz they turtle and they have execution, i have a lot of trouble with this style

every style, as long as it works.

by this i mean, there are multiple styles of urien that are really good in japan, and they all do very well. pierre, rx, senaka and messatsu all play VERY differently and all win. senaka is more solid random, messatsu is random rusher, rx is super techincal solid, pierre is just solid solid.

so i guess solid is the best style? lol

Which one is the “safe” style? I pick that one…

technical turtle/technical rusher (chun/yun)

run away

random rushers are anoying (makoto):karate:

Iron Chef!




I don’t see my name in that poll. Therefore, I refuse to vote.

I said it’s the best, not the one I use…

I vote C-Royd aswell.

I vote for the “refuse to block” style, aka c-royd

Turtle all day

Nice AV dude, it’s really sweet…got a strange addictive quality that makes me keep staring at it…

I like the Umehara style best :D.

any style can work as long as you understand the basics of a game.

having a style to me is just how different people handle the fundaments and principles of a game’s mechanics, and make them work to thier advantage.

in other words, you should first know how the game engine works, and the level of competition. then you can develope your own methods to expose what has been given to you.