What useful fireball FADC combos do you know?



Seeing as we end up in the corner most of the time, i’m finding that fireball FADC combos are becoming more of a necessity than a flashy perk. Before people start jumping at me with the whole “i’d rather save the meter for a dp FADC etc.” I would like to say that i am aware of that and that by advocating better use of fireball FADC i am in no way saying that it is better than, nor should it replace dp FADC. It’s just something that has seemingly become more necessary in this version of the game, particularly in the footsie battles IMO.

There was a link sometime back by Hazardandfire, but i cant seem to access it now for some reason. Would be nice to get some of that info back up for all to see.

With that said, what are some good fireball FADC combos that you use or have found to be reliable?

Of course there’s the old Bonchan special of cr MK , TS, FADC, cr MK , TU (this could also be linked into ultra 1 if you do an EX TU at the end followed by U1)

One that i found useful is cr lp, TS, FADC, cr mp, TU (this is very useful when in the corner. You gain some ground while pummeling your opponent, all from a relatively safe poke.)


i like using st HK, ts. FADC, st mp, TK on my opponent’s wake up.
to be honest, I usually save my meter for tu fadc… but that’s probably because my defense is horrid.


interesting. Is it a lk, mk or hk Tigerknee and is it safe if the opponent blocks?


the fadc is off of a hit confirm. i believe the st hk, ts is safe on block.


Right, nice one. You are not the only one with a horrid defense amigo. This may be a bit off topic but the most glaring part of my defense right now seems to be crouch teching. Was playing this ryu yesterday and he would always wiggle around till he found the opportunity to jump and then he would do that stupid double punch that ryu does followed by a standing jab and a grab…I swear i knew it was coming more than 6 times and all tech attempts failed…frustrating stuff really.

But going back to the topic. Cr mk, ex ts, FADC , Ultra 1 or 2. (costs three bars so not that efficient, but can be done from anywhere on the screen off a hit confirm)


You should really only use cr.mk after the FADC if you are too far away. Cr.mp is an easier and slightly more damaging link.

You’re also at better frame advantage on block (you fucked you’re combo) or hit. It’s just an all round better button.


I usually use Cr mk anyway, however cr mp was posted just for variety and situations where you are closer and can go for more damage.

Another reliable one i found is forward step kick, cr lp, ts , FADC, cr mk, TU


L2 focus xx forward dash Cr mk xx lts xx l2 focus crumple xx forward dash Cr mk xx lts xx l2 focus xx forward dash focus attack to put into juggle state xx forward dash ultra 2. Uses 4 bars and ultra to get just under 250 damage. I can’t think of anything more useful.