What version of ST are we playing at EVO Ink, Ponder or anyone else in the know?

I posed the same question a few weeks back in Chicago and it sounded like the DC version was the current choice, but I never got a definite answer. Me and the nine other players that are coming specifically for this game would like to know so we can know what to expect. I made my arguement for the ps1 ST from the capcom sf collection. I know it really doesn’t make a lick of differnece what I want, I realize it’s not a widely played conversion of ST. Many versions of ST have been made since, but not a better one, imo-


Seriously, this is ridiculous. SOMEBODY involved in the event know the answer to this fundamental question. If it hasn’t been decided yet, it’d be kick ass to know that the issue is at least being addressed-


I didnt even think to register in my head that ST wasnt gonna be on arcade in teh first place this year lol. I musta forgot or something…

Anyway I would assume it would be DC though shrug.

It’s gonna be ST on DC? I thought I read somewhere that we were gonna get HF this year. Man that game kicks ass. Well, if they have HF this year I’ll enter, if not then I wont. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

P.S.: Turbo Zang p-w-n-s 4 free - spinning kick larriat > atomic buster all day long :smiley: .

Wow! I had to do a double-take at that avatar. lol Good stuff!


CvS2/MvC2/ST = DC
3s = Supergun

All day long, huh? Interesting…not against a decent Guile.

umm if cvs2 is gonna be on dc then how are we gonna play it.
shouldnt u need a japanese liscencing for an event.
or do u even need a liscence for a big event liek this?

Come on dawg, you know what I mean. That shit is so powerful and it gets people pissed off so bad. Top tier action. Just like Ryu’s landing FK, c. LP, qcf+p = faint. W/e idk what I’m talkin bout anymore. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Yeah it dosen’t make sense to me either, If they couldn’t use the japanese version of third strike whats the difference? Ok say they get modded DCs. Any modchips that play games that aren’t supposed to be played on that system are illegal. japanese DCs then maybe? From a legal standpoint that is the only way it’ll work.

Well you dont need a modchip to play copies…

plus there are such things as boot discs…

Thanks wiz. Simple question, simple answer.


Bring your Gief over there and try doing that shit against my Chump Li and see where it gets you.

Oh, and I haven’t played in 2 years…