What version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix will you play on line?

Bumped again… 9/14/08

EDIT: 03 / 20 / 08

With SFHD getting closer to releaase I thought I would BUMP this…

I creadted it about a year ago. The results prompted me to by a 360.

If you haven’t heard Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix will be released on XBLA and the Ps3 arcade.

This brings me to a question?

I don’t own the 360 or PS3. :sweat:

I will definitely be getting one when this comes out.
(I still play AE on XBox Live…)

But, this may divide the community. Half might play on XBLA and the other half might play on PS3 NP.

I personally want to play the version that most of the fighting game community is going to play on. I believe many of you would want to know this as well…:wgrin:

This is an attempt to see where the SRK players are going to play.

See Gozulin’s thread for pics and info on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=129752

Xbox 360

Xbox 360


does not require servers to be set up like with ps3
means online service will run for as long as xbox live exists
no fear of online component being shut down due to lack of people, like mgs3s and RE outbreak on ps2 were.

ps3 online infrastructure is shit for 1 on 1 games, it’s only better then the 360 for games that can be played with lots of players, like resistance.

Doesn’t that contradict Sony’s no 2D policy?

its a download game, they’re hardly going to say no to retro stuff

okay some more evidence.

virtua tennis 3 is on both the 360 an ps3. Only the 360 version is online, this is a 1on1 game.

2d fighters like cvs2, jam, AE all came to ps2 but were only online on the xbox

the ps3 online infrastructure is no different from the ps2

vf5 is coming to the 360 in the west only to add an online mode, that’s the rumour.

a lot of people here clearly don’t know shit about how the online works for both machines it would seem

xbox 360/mabye also ps3 version for my clan’s ps3 owners

360 for sure.

  1. Only because I prefer the controller more.

Both, but I may play the 360 for the online, and the PS3 for compatability with my custom sticks… I’m sure there will be more games/matches available online
with the 360 though.

I don’t have 600 dollars…

with that being said i am goin out to buy a 360 then.

This would be the perfect game to support cross platform play, but it’s not going to happen. :frowning:

With that said, I’ll be picking it up on the Xbox 360.

Three hundred and sixty

That’s a no brainer, 360!

360 for sure

PS3 for the SUPERIOR controller.


maybe both, if not then ps3.

Hrap 3 is nice.