What version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix will you play on line?

I konw this is the ‘Every Thing Else’ forum. But, I thought this would be an appropaite place to ask…

If you haven’t heard **Super Street Fighter II Turbo **HD remix will be released on XBLA and the Ps3 arcade.

This brings me to a question?

I don’t own the 360 or PS3.

I will definitely be getting one when this comes out.
(I still play AE on XBox Live…)

But, this may divide the community. Half might play on XBLA and the other half might play on PS3 NP.

I personally want to play the version that most of the fighting game community is going to play on. I believe many of you would want to know this as well…

This is an attempt to see where the SRK players are going to play.

Please go to this tread and let us know where you will playhttp://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=129876

See Gozulin’s thread for pics and info on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD remix: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=129752


I hope they leave some option to play the original video mode online as well. I would probably just whore that over the upgrades.

not that puzzle garbage

neither, I’m sticking to 360 HF!

I’ll be on the 360 version

It would be nice if online play wasn’t differentiated between systems. That’ll definitely split up what little community there is going to be between both games online.