What was Arc Sys involvment with AM2 during the production of Shenmue


ok so i got done playing shenmue greatest game ever made ok. in the credits i was incredibly surprised to see that AM2 gave Arc Sys some thx in the credits. dos anybody know what they were doing w am2


Nah scratch that, I misread source I posted.

I dunno lol. All I can think of is that Sega and Arc Sys have done other games together (HnK) so maybe they got … advice?

“Thanks” sections are just that - a quick “thank you” to people or companies you don’t want to give full credit to. They’re vague for a reason. Also, who cares?




They probably did the minigames and some minor development.
The combat system and Ryo’s moveset was originally a Virtua Fighter RPG for Akira after all.

Also get Yakuza 2/3, its pretty much its spiritual successor.


I never beat Shenmue because I was too annoyed that I couldn’t invert the y-axis.


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