What was so bad about MSH vs. SF?

just wanna know?

XSF got a lot more fame… yet it was a broken infinite fest.

In XvsSF, everyone had an infinite…which lead to some sort of balance. Every character was playable as they could win because of the infinite.

In MvsSF, Capcom changed the combo properties to remove xvssf type infinites. The combos were a lot shorter compared to XvsSF. That and no one could compete with Wolvie’s Speed-up super infinite. Omega Red was also quite good. Damaging combos, along with a great keepaway game. But the shorter combos and unbalanced cast seemed to take away from the fun factor of the game and it made the game quite boring. The secret characters couldn’t save this game… though Mega Zangief was one of the funner parts of this game.

Graphically, I thought it was an improvement over XvsSF. The super-finishes where they actually displayed and voiced the name of the super was a nice touch. Colors were more vibrant then XvsSF and I thought it was a cleaner looking game. Also we had a real final boss in MvsSF in the form of Cyber Akuma.

The Game Was Boring.

Yeah, really it is that simple. The game played a lot slower, characters were less mobile, attacks came out slower, combos were limited. It just wasn’t very exciting. And yes, speedup wolverine was retarded because the entire game played like molasses except for speedup wolverine who was insanely fast and had easy infinites to boot.

I like MvSF more than most people (mainly because it’s the only vs. game I’m decent at, because it’s so plodding) but it really was a boring game. I understand why they reduced the combos but the overall slowdown in pace really was not needed.

Edit: A battle like Dan vs. Sakura feels a lot more like Alpha than a vs. game. Dan pokes with stand forward and low forward, Sakura pokes with stand rh…wild and crazy certainly doesn’t describe it.

Well they didnt do a very good job, every character has an infinite (some even have multiple infinites) in this game apart from about 3 characters.
I dont like this game much, but the best thing about it is the music and soundeffects, they are really nice =]

It definitely has the best presentation out of all the games.

C’mon…who DIDN’T get excited the first time they saw a MSHVs.SF machine in their arcade?
What with the flashing colors, and the booming announcer?


God, that shit was so fucking funny…:lol:

The infinites that were in the game weren’t as practical as x-men vs SF with the exception of Wolvie’s speedup and Spider-Man.

Wrong…, there is plenty of practical ones, people just dont know about them, to name a few that have easy infs… shotos have more than 1 each, dhalsim with 2 easy ones, blackheart, dark sakura, zangief…

Um did you miss the massive amounts of animation cut in MSF?

Damn Capcom and their balancing!

But yeah, tis a fine game. I personally prefer it to XvSF or MvC. It was the game that got me into Street Fighter, in fact. But I’m biased cuz it holds a special spot for me as the game which eventually lead me into hardcore fighting gaming.

msh vs sf basically took everything out that was fun from xvsf and replaced certain characters with useless ones (sakura, dan:wtf:)

and certain “new” characters were just pallete swap with some minor tweaks (us agent, mephisto)

basically, every returning character got raped except wolvie (berseker rage ftw)

XvSf > MvSF Any day

Did you miss the background graphics in XvsSF? :slight_smile:

When I first say the XvSF backgrounds I thought they were a joke.

It’s the most balanced versus game plain and simple, and for that, people shit on it. When Capcom saw this, they basically said screw balance in the versus games and went all out (ie: MvC2).

Wolverine doesn’t have an infinite with his speed-up super. It’s comparable to Yun’s Genei Jin in that once meter runs out, the combo is over. Most players are smart enough not to get caught by the loop, which can only occur when the opponent is on the ground.

And, as already has been stated, there were heavy animation cuts accross the board (for whatever reason). And the backgrounds were more static in comparison to XvSF. The game looked decent though I guess.

i liked Msh vs SF…alot.

Never really got into XvsSF that much.

dude. wolverine is the best. easily, plus IIRC, his speed boost gains meter while active and its insane BS! omega red is very dominant as well. and the whole game is boring. theres NOTHING to do in the game. the game was OVER-restricted. you really cant do anything fun. the game is not balanced. but thats moot point, most games arent. besides, balanced doesnt = good.

Actually, Wolverine is probably the best battery character in the game with SJ MP. And he can charge meter while doing the speed-up super. It’s pretty broken because the opponent is unable to mount any sort of offence because Wolverine always has meter for speed-up, and if he doesn’t, he can easily charge for one. It’s not an infinite you’re right… but it’s still pretty broken.

And yeah, there may be some cut in animations, but the backgrounds along with the super finishes are a lot better graphically.

But the most important thing… and I think everyone here agrees… it just isn’t that fun.

any discussion after that comment is irrelevent; thread over.

msf is not balanced at all. also, wolvies speedup super is too good, for the sole reason 1) you can build meter during the super 2) you can throw during the super. you cant run away from it forever. its like genei yeah, except that its 10x worse, maybe you wont “get hit”, but youll be eating a lot of throws and running away all day, not being able to attack, its pretty bad.