What Was That? - Title Thread!


In honor of the quirky, and sometimes cool, title system that Atlus implemented, I have created this thread to get titles out there! Post your titles, whatever they may be. Post titles you’ve seen players use. Funny, cool, wtf, it doesnt matter, just post 'em! xD


my current one: Bloody Toilet Lunch Justice


I Got It In A Pretty Woman

when can I unlock “I’m?” or “Inside?”


mine is “Always Best Used By Command Throw” :smiley:

Saw some titles related to nanako in a dirty way :confused:


hothothot smooch town


first one was Chaotic Blackness After Midnight

current is Undying Thrust Poke

need to see how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes…


Beastly Hard God’s Hand


Last I checked, Maximillion (Miles923 on YouTube) has “True Sweet & Sour Pork Classics” as his title.

And some I’ve seen are
"Hot Oral lick lick"
“Rainbow Garuda Heartache”
“Smutty and aroused”
“Underworld Illusion” (I like this one xD)
"Crazy <3"
“The Velvet Room Dragonlord”
“Crazy Chain Absolutely Salty”

Love the titles in the game. xD


I use Shadow Labrys and have the title “I have outlawed sweet & sour pork”. It seemed dastardly.

How do I unlock more words to use?


I believe my current one is “Dojima’s Coffee Technique”. Previously “Kanji Punch MEEEEE”. (I change my title a lot.)

The other day I saw someone with “This isn’t Marvel”, which I thought was pretty good.

Play more online matches.


I am planning to use Delicious Hentai


This. Is. Brilliant.


Mine currently is I Like Auto Combo


Young Child Enthusiast


“Goodbye Footsies sob” is my favorite so far.


“EX Funky Mara”

Still waiting to unlock “Student” so I can finally have “EX Funky Student” or “Funky Student DLC”.


Currently using “Iron Mistress Metatron”

Can’t wait to unlock more words. Intriguing concept they got goin’ on here.


Yesterday I saw “I love Bulldozing Fuuka” and “white meaty booty.”

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Yeah, he once fought a guy with the title ‘‘I Liked Hentai Afrer Midnight’’. lol

My title is Instant Kill God’s Careless Whisper.


FYI, this seems to be the full list after googling around: http://pastebin.com/XRiP44mL