What was the 1 best thing are moment about EVO but you can only chose 1

Mine was when Mike Chaos almost knock out Smooth Viper that guy is so funny he single handed won that Cable Guy vs Smooth Viper MM because who can think about Marvel when you got a buff guy right next to you wanting to take your head off now thats my moment whats yours and Good Job Cable Guy for Redeming yourself and beating Infinite and Smooth Viper:rofl::lol::rofl:

Hands down, it was Graham Wolfe doing a wakeup super through Gian’s super to escape certain death and come back for the win. That shit was too tight!

Hmm…mines would probably be Smoothviper placing 3rd in Marvel. I’ve known the kid for a long while already. And watching him go from local fighting game scrub to that? That’s just amazing. His dedication definitely paid off. I was rooting for him the entire time.

Willis Reed / Jordan with the flu / Keri Strugg winning Marvel.

Me owning up Shit Garbage Motrix over an over and over.

i don’t understand. i was in the room when the match happend, everything seemed cool? why so much hate?

in the ugliest display of marvel i’ve ever seen

did vercette teach you marvel?

Didn’t you bet Wigfall $100 at Evo East you’d never play Marvel again?

how about those 3 guiles wiping out those 3 sentinels 3 sets of 2 out of 3 for $5 Pushblocksavelife! now that was some funny shit

or it could be your random lightning attack with storm, i swear every mutha got cracks from that shitt :bgrin:

you’re dope. my stick is gdlk right now. you’ve gotta be one of the chillest funniest mofo’s in this scene. if only you didn’t suck at marvel, lol.

Me owning fanatiq free. God that dude sucks…

best thing about evo was chillin with remix in the casino while he was drunk. At least I think he was drunk, I couldn’t tell.

NELSON is amazin!

i agree. nelson seriously made my evo trip the best ever.

nelson = dope

Justin Wong vs. Dark Prince

josh wigfall having to be held back so he didn’t punch fanatiq in the face and fanatiq saying I AIN’T GOT A PRETTY SMILE

Definitely would have to be Ino giving me a hug after a close match in semi finals in 3S. Ninja trickies warmed his heart. If I had to choose a really close second it was definitely Justin Wong’s Cyclops. Good god.

me sending kindevu to the loser’s in the cvs2 pool, and john choi shoke my hand after I won~

Meeting sailor saturn for the first time in my life.

best moment was when i hugged gene wong in bed and took advantage of that young ass… all night. best moment ever.

close second would have to be when TJ Combo did his ultra on that slut Orchid. 2eznf