What was the general consensus about DOA4

being at EVO. I saw the results at 1up and noticed JustOwnin was on there (I’ll never forget his first thread :rofl: :karate: ) but other than that just wondering if there was alot of heckling, or not? Make anyone second guess about this game after seeing it played the way it was?

I’m just curious since this game gets hated on and what not…

Ya I wasnt at evo but since this is doa4 and its my fav game I’ll add my two cents.

I play all the 2d’s and Tekken, but since Dec '05 my favorite game has been DoA4.
Why? The same reason it gets hated on, if at all, the counter button.

DoA4 can be furious and fast and matches can end quicker than any other game. Matches can also go the other way and be methodical, decieving and lengthy.
Its all thnx to the counter button, because it adds an extra dimension to the game that doenst exist in any others. Much less repeating combos, you better watch not even starting a combo the same way or crap, there goes half your life.

Ive played tons of top lvl people in the 2d’s and at Tekken for the time I spent at svgl, and at least some of them I actually beat once or twice or came damn close.

I have doa4 online at home, I play every other day, and random ss’s and s’s own me so hard its like Iam fighting underwater with my legs chopped off, and then they say nah your doing good lol.

If it does get ripped on its probably because most of the top lvl evo/shoryuken players are mostly 2d.

I sure hope there wasn’t heckling, people hate a little too much round these parts, if it’s not capcom they poo on it. Really at the moment, anyone who wants to be a part of the fighter scene and has any sort of community should be welcome, since well, we really are getting together to share in the games we like to play.

While I didn’t go, there wasn’t a lot of heckling in conversation about it in the channels of people following the tournament along, they weren’t all that interested in the DOA results, and you did hear the patented “DOA sucks” (I think “sucks” may be the most used word on SRK), but no lengthy “why do people play that game” sort of posts. Same was said in the channels about tekken, and Guilty Gear, so DOA wasn’t alone in that.

i didn’t notice anything negative from the crowd… but at the same time there wasn’t much of a reaction from the crowd at all. there was cheering for the winners etc etc… on the hype scale of zero to mvc2, it got a 3 ?

i’m pretty sure that if anybody did “hate” the game, they stayed in bed or found something better to do with their time.

I was at EVO Vegas and the crowd was in “spectator” mode. Some cheering but mostly just watchng. I think the game, however, was a victim of early scheduling. It was scheduled right after Mario Kart. I did not want to watch Mario (how could you watch something on the DS? Was it on the big screens?). By the time Tekken came around (after 11am), there was a decent crowd. Before then, I think folks were just getting up. I personally like DOA at EVO.

no one hated or booed on doa4 if that was the actual question. but for a game that sells so well and is in tune with mainstream gaming, i really expected hella better turnouts by far. 2nd lowest turnout IIRC. 2nd to mkds. doa was early cuz overall, there isnt a ton of interest, mainly due to the fact that the doa community doesnt support it, minus the ones that showed of course.

nobody minds doa4 being there. a lot of people dont like it. but there are a lot of capcom players that also hate other capcom games as well. but people respect the players and the craft and are gonna welcome it in the end. doa community just needs to step their game up and show a lot more supprt!

I enjoyed DOA 4 very much at evo, and hope they do it again.

Unlikely as it is, and probably unbeknown to the evo staff, this event shot a lot of life blood into the DOA scene.

It would be great to have it at evo again, though i certainly do not expect the evo staff to bend over backwards for it.

Yes, it is a low turnout compared to other games, but that was still higher then any turnout DOA has had in the last couple years besides WCG (which has retarded online qualifiers and horrible organization which ruins it). I can say with certainty that if evo keeps hosting it, the numbers will steadily increase every year for sure. . . but i would completely understand if they were not impressed with the turnout that it got and drop it entirely.

DoA isnt a baby community so it has no excuses for its poor turnout other then that it never really had a good, publicly played version of the game before.

Honestly right now, this is the best DOA could have hoped for.

We all knew it wasnt going to get 100+ in numbers at the finals, but im glad it didnt end up like the abortion that was evo west.


virtua fighter needs a return

I liked it, it was alot of fun. I hope it’s at evo next year as well. I’ll probably start playing it.

I haven’t played a DOA game in over 3 years and I thought I could enter DOA4 at Evo and do well by simply mashing counters.

I was dead wrong. I’ll have to seriously look into studying this game. Props to the DOA players.

Anyway, the finals were truly exciting. This game is stunning visually. :encore:

I hope the community grows [up] with it. heh heh :razzy:

Just Ownin is a great person. He’s one of those guys that’s just as funny in real life as he probably is on the forums. Has all of these funny philosophies about competitive gaming and shit. Money matched me in 3S best to 5 for like 5 bucks. The most random and free money match I’ve probably ever done. He should have run it back in DOA4. :lol:

Oh and good shit to Perfect Legend for winning 5,000 bucks. That’s good fucking money for a game that’s still trying to gain a real offline scene. I used to play DOA seriously but I didn’t have the money or desire to buy an X360 just for the game and so I can play on a crappy dpad and waste more money on a half assed arcade stick. I’m pretty much retired from DOA so I can concentrate on the other random ass game I play…3S.

Just Ownin is a living cartoon. He’d fit perfectly with the Fat Albert gang. I didn’t talk to him but overheard him goofing around throughout the weekend. The word best to describe him is “zany” :looney: heh heh.

I thought what was really cool of him was after Perfect Legend beat him in their losers match, JO ceremonially kneeled down to and presented PL with one of his “Just Owned” shirts. PL takes the shirt and they both give a pound and embrace. That was a class act in my book. :clap: Kudos to both of them.

Okay honestly, myself included, along with a lot of others I know and/or talked to at Evo…

DOA this year was for vultures. After low turnouts earlier in the year, a lot of us considered picking up the game a month before Vegas in hopes of making top 8. That was the initial thought…and half the field this year was part of this group.

After having played the game a total of 10 hours before Evo, I must say, I like the game. I still think the countering out of stuns is gay, but I’m a 2d player, and it’s something I’m not accustomed to. Plus, I’d be lying if I said I never took advantage of it.

I’d like to see it at Evo next year. I won’t be playing it anymore, as I’ve ditched my 360, but watching Perfect Legend, Manny, and the dude who got third (I only got to see top 3 'cause I had to check out and shit) was really entertaining for me. I learned how to play the game, and have heard how to do certain things, but I actually got to see all of it watching these guys play. It was pretty dope.

I hope I speak for some of the other 2d vultures when I say that I’ve had a change of heart about DOA4. Even though mashing and guessing can get you pretty far in this game…in the end, you have to know what you’re doing to really suceed…and after witnessing the finals this year, I would definitely make time to watch it next year. DOA is a legitimate game.

2d for life, though. =)

i played the game for the first time the night before the pools and I won 3 matches…

wouldnt suprise me if you did, lol.

as it was said, a ton of the players there were vultures who didnt know how to properly play it.

One of those wins was against me. :wasted: