What was the real reason behind the red fireball?

In the SF2 games sometimes a red fireball would come out. I have always wondered was that just a programing glitch in the game or did capcom really mean for it to happen?

Also, was the only diff between it and a normal fireball the color or did the speed and power of it differ somewhat?


you’re not talking about ryu’s hcf + p fireball are you? if so…f

NO!!! :looney:

I’m talking about the SF2 games and not the SSF2 games…of course. :rofl:

Just to be 100% clear I’m talking about:


I saw once when i was playing SF2 when i was younger. It was a glitch. Which probably led to the red fireball we know in ST.

I think it started as a glitch, where occassionally, by some random event, a red fb would come out instead of a blue one.

Capcom took note of this neat little phenomenon, and made it into Ryu’s red fb, which they added on Super.

And what does this red fire ball do that Capcom included in later games?

Knocks down

Yeah, as far as I know, the “classic” red fireball was just an occasional palette glitch, it doesn’t do anything different from the regular one. The Super/ST one that actually is a seperate move with different effects was probably an in-joke in reference to the original glitch.

It was neat that they made it into the Shakunetsu Hadouken, but when they did, they’d started drawing Ryu’s fireballs differently. It looked WAY cooler drawn the old way when it was red.

Gotta love Capcom’s little references thrown into their games.

SFA3 Guile- win quote about using handcuffs
3S Chun- win quote about being a police investigator, not a reporter!
3S Chun- win quote denying that she ever threw her wrist bracelets (rumored move in SF2, she actually did this in the SF live action movie game I think :-x)
SFA3 Cody- punch supermove where he’d punch rapidly inbetween turning left-right (technique to prolong combos in Final Fight)

Psycho I just gotta say that Av is sooooo tight. Props man!!!

The whole red fireball ordeal is sorta similar to how Capcom took notice of Chun-Li’s fireball in the pirayed games and decided to add it in for real.

@PsychoSquall-Could you explain Guile’s SFA3 handcuff win quote? I don’t get the reference there.

The handcuff was a glitch move in SF2

Ohhh ok. Thanks for that. =)

guile is fucking BROKEN

I remember reading that the red fireball (in WW to HF) was an INTENTIONAL glitch. Whatever that means…

The Red Fireballs made it into the home conversions as well. Weither Capcom did it to be authentic (they why no SF II intro on the SNES?) or something is up in the air

Yeah, I think it was intentional, since AE also has the red fireball in the older versions of Ryu and Ken.

Unintentional in the first game, intentional in all the later games, including the home versions.

Personally, Ryu’s Super/ST-style Hadoken is my favorite Hadoken sprite. I liked how the number of little spirals behind it and the length of the “tail” varied depending on which speed/strength you threw.