What was the reason for the (FBF) shortcut?

(I searched through the forum for “shortcut” and only found references but not what I was looking for)

I recently picked up Fei and found out about the FBF flame kick shortcut. I was playing vanilla yesterday and noticed it’s not there.

Does anyone know the history about the change? Was it intentional and if so what triggered it?

It was probably done like this because tenshin was coming out a lot when your flamekick input was not clean in vanilla, but im not sure about it.

LB is correct. they put it i to out prioritize tenshin during walk forward flamekick attempts. this was extremely prevalent in vanilla. dont remember it that much in super

thx. IMO it seems overly powerful as an anti-air/defensive option. I have cat-like reflexes with this shortcut, seems too good to be true.

maybe. but the alternative is getting kicked in the face a lot just because you walked foward. maybe they could have taken away the forward, qcb shortcut for tenshins, but they got lazy

I hate the damn shortcuts, I’m sure they’ve done something to the buffering system also, AE feels easier to pull shit off. I hate it when your changing guard and fishing for a lk and the FK comes out.

They should also make tenshin punches like sagat’s change.

Care to explain the FBF shortcut to some one new to fei??

Similar to Ryu if you play him. You can either downback, downback twice + kick (no dp motion) for the FK or you can go from downback to downfoward to downback + kick , commonly called the wiggle dp and good when your crouching or cross ups.

I think there’s also a very fucked up forward , back , forward + kick shortcut.

Go into training and experiment with them. I don’t use any, I do the Auto Correct DP as a slow CW motion.