What was up with tokido

When watching the tokido matches why was he constantly jumping back and pressing RH besides charging up bar what can it be used for?

Urien’s jumping roundhouse has great priority and reach. He was just using it to get some seperation, a “get the fuck off me move”

o ok ic thx so should it be used very often or wat?

like you stated, he was just running away to charge meter for the next round

A good Urien charges bar well, and uses the Aegis effectively.

Tokido has his own style. You don’t need to play like him in order to win, but I do find that I win more when I play like him.

Furthermore, be careful not to be too predictable even when charging bar. Makoto, for example, will out-prioritize Urien’s jumping RK most/all the time. Be careful when doing that against Ken too (air ex-hurricane kick).

Going back to my first sentence, Urien needs bar to win. How you charge that bar is up to you. Don’t forget that Urien gets a lot of bar when playing offensively too.

I have recently changed my style with Urien a little bit to more of a turtling char cause its more effective (I was first told this by TheHY and it proved to be quite correct) but I now have problems against rush down players, even though Urien has good priority on his moves, can someone perhaps give me some tips on how to deal with players who constantly rush down, especially with Ken and Makoto plz? How do I deal with this?

thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Thx alot for this info at first i was like :wtf: but then i thought well it charges so its all good. Anywayz thx to everyone who posted



Urien had pretty good counters againts rushdown.
I find crouching LP, crouching MK and standing HP to
have good stopping power againts rushdowns. Again, that
is based on gameplay experience. Hope it helps.


Edit: Careful with Urien’s jumping HK. It can be seen coming from a mile away
and if it’s parried, you’ll lose a good chuck-o-life.

mind telling me what moves of makoto beat urien’s jumping rk? i play makoto myself, and that move is annoying.

thanks in advance. ;D

Makoto’s has no moves that beat j.Hk…yeah, that’s the ticket

So, you know, you should start playing like sean or something…

Actually, I’m pretty sure Makoto’s j.HP and j.HK will beat out Urien, she’s got some mad priority. EX Axe kick is also great at keeping Urien grounded

Jumping back RH is great for meter and zoning . I don’t use it constantly but in my mix up of patterns it always comes out for a few reps especially if I have a comfortable lead and no need to apply pressure .

Against Ken and Makoto your jumping RH will be beaten cleanly but if you bait them to chase you then start doing jumping back forward-kick , the fwrd will BEAT just about every Makoto normal and stop Ken ex-Hurricanes easily .

Against Makoto you don’t want to stay grounded…urien has very few options when grounded and facing Makoto . As mentioned , cr.Jab and cr.frwd are her best options. Use the st.frc but sparringly…makoto can watch for it then dash in during it’s recovery and Karakusa that ass . If you are grabbed then your options dwindle even further and it becomes a guessing game between what you think Makoto will do and what she actually does .

i face a very good makoto iften and I’m finding the match-up extremely in Makoto’s favor but uriens set-ups into Aegis can quickly turn things around if you can create the opportunity . I’ve been considering switching to Tyrant Slaughter for my Makoto match-ups…any advise on that from anyone ?

The thing with Tyrant Slaughter vs Makoto is that it’s hard to punish any of her normals. The things you would be able to punish with the Tyrant, you could also use punish with Aegis setups(unlike against shoto’s where you can punish blocked sweeps and such) I always play extremely defensive against Makoto until I get an opening and then just stay on her (she’s pretty bad when she has to be defensive) I use alot of cr.lk and cr. mk(stops dashes and when timed right, will knock her out of her hayate) If you jump towards her, use an early fp, this will beat alot of her moves, and jumping backwards fk (which you already stated in your post) The best thing (which I actually saw in the Coop Cup 1) is jump constantly(keeps you from being karawhateverthespellingis) and once she’s in the corner keep the pressure on with aegis, ex aegis.

You’re mainly going to win with pokes, she can beat Uriens headbutt and tackle pretty easily

There’s not much comp here, so anyone correct me if something doesn’t sound correct. Hope this helps though :slight_smile:

I agree with you on keeping airborne…helps prevent those nasty grabs but unfortunately when Makoto does manage a knockdown it’s all guess work with Urien and she can jab him out of most all of his specials except knee-drop which is punishable unless you EX (which is actually quite good and something I use often) .
I suppose what I’m looking for out of tyrant Slaughter is linking off cr.Jab X2 . It’s untested but I’m thinking makoto’s cr.Frc can be punished with TS much like you can with Ken SA#3 .


That’s because none of his headbutts (ex including) can hit a standing Makoto. That bitch is so unfair.

Did you know that an ex-sphere won’t hit a crouching Makoto?

Every time I face Makoto with Urien I end up backing into the corner, and just try to poke to keep her away, standing fierce, standing strong, low jab, low forward are the main pokes u might wanna use, and ya jump roundhouse.

Just be careful for her to dash-in in between ur moves, and her low forward will hit ur low forward pretty much all the time.

Sooner or later a good makoto will get inside and thats when u throw her into the corner and do the aegis unblockble set up, if u have a full bar, shes dead.

I dont think SA1 is a good idea because Aegis will always be Urien’s best super, u might get Makoto to stop rushing down after a karakusa/hayate since shes scared of the TS, but I think thats only effective for a few rounds. Too predictable.