What was wrong with Fighting Vipers and how did it effect Fighter's Megamix?

I was wondering, from a gameplay stand point, what was wrong with Fighting Vipers? Why didn’t it take off? Was there anything bland/broken about the game? Also, how did these issues effect Fighter’s Megamix? As a Saturn fan I was always pretty fond of it, but I never took it seriously enough to actually understand the system in great detail. It would be interesting to hear what was wrong about the game as back in the day these two games were among my favourites.

I liked Fighting Vipers alot…alot better than Virtua Fighter at least.

I remember Fighter’s Megamix man that game was a god damn classic, as for Fighting Vipers I don’t know what was specifically wrong with it and why it didn’t take off, it was a excellent alternate to the VF series especially with the power moves, armor/stages breaking apart, and the 10 hit combo system for each character (did that start in FV or was it Megamix? I remember trying to do it with B.M.'s man that dude was awesome :rofl:)

Fighting Vipers was just too awesome!

I especially love the painful sound effects and the even GOD-like Armor Break x3 animation angle in game cut scene!

And of course Kumachan!!!

This series needs a revival!

I didn’t really appreciate it at its release, and I tended to play Megamix in VF mode only, but I played around with FV a bit later when Model 2 emulation got up to speed and started to take a liking to its charms. The fighting system is some weird mash-up between VF and 2D fighter conventions, and I honestly kind of like it. I also didn’t notice until recently that Megamix Dural has Bahn’s double Dragon Punch. :rofl:

I also got a kick out of these:


The FV team seemed to have a thing for easter eggs and jokes. One of the game designers and Yuji Naka are also hidden characters in arcade FV, but they seem to be incomplete and tend to crash the game more often than not.

I can’t say I had a problem with it personally, but a lot of VF and 3D fans would probably be turned off by the air recovery system.

Man did I love Fighting Vipers. I remember pumping quarter after quarter in that game and loving every second. Was happy as hell when I finally got to bring it home and I still have it. Part 2 was OK, but it seemed like they toned down the engine quite a bit and added more 3D actions, but it’s been a while since I fired it up. Fighters Megamix was great also and had a great selection of characters, especially for it’s time. I would love SEGA if they were to bring these great series back from the dead.

Grace and Bahn are fucking beasts.

If I remember right, FV had a really really bad sequel on the dreamcast that apparently sealed its fate as a series.

A shame, really.

A Soul Calibur vs Tekken melding would go smoother than Fighter’s Megamix. FMM barely worked even if you like the Virtua Fighter engine. The addition of retarded characters with no animation frames didn’t help.

no , jane is beast !

I loved the original fighting vipers on the Saturn, but the Dreamcast sequel … I dunno, I just cannot put a finger on why I didn’t like that. Needs more Fighter’s Megamix though… Bahn vs Daytona Car.

It had a sequel…not sure how it was though.


I liked Picky. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was low tier.

I bought both these games when I bought my Saturn about 2 years ago. I haven’t played it since. Mostly because I can’t find Alpha or other good games for it at a price I like.

FMM was too FV and not enough VF. I once read someone’s description of it: Virtua Fighter Bastard. Too good.

That said, I liked FMM. Never got around to playing a straight-up Fighting Vipers game, though.

Vynce- If you had Megamix, played it on Vipers mode, on vipers backgrounds, with Vipers characters then you have played Fighting Vipers.

Just with a shit ton of extras.

I really liked the original FV… I never got really deep into the game, just played it casually, but I recall having a ton of fun with it in the arcade. Home version pissed me off cause it didn’t look anything like the arcade. Sigh Model2 ports were never very good…

Fighters Megamix was fucking awesome. My friends and I used to play the shit out of that game… it was interesting how you could change the fighting styles between a mishmash of VF2/3 and FV, though I would have preferred they just chose one system, or used a combination of both. I also like how Janet played like Aoi, since I main Aoi in VF3…

I’d love to see a new version of FMM on Ringedge or Xbox 360 or the triple…

…on-topic, though, to address your original question–as I mentioned earlier, FV’s gameplay engine was an option in FMM, as was VF2’s… and I think that made FMM more of a “casual” (read: can’t play it seriously) fighter as people would probably play whatever style they preferred. When there isn’t a standard, you can’t really play it competitively or take it seriously (SSB is a great example of this). In that respect, FV affected FMM quite a bit in terms of how “seriously” people took it as a competitive game.

Then again, I just play for fun, so take the above for what it’s worth.

lol this topic is like going back to 1996 lol.

FV was a very fun game. the game white motion moves seemed a bit OP though.
In FM FV style owns.

I played Raxel in that game.

VF style on FM was alright but FV characters seem to own that game.

Never got to play FV, but LOVED FMM to pieces. I used to prefer playing in VF mode, but eventually came to prefer playing in FV mode instead (I think thats how it’s probably intended to play anyway).

Either way, I thought the sequel was fairly well recieved but now I’m hearing it wasn’t? Shame if it did flop, I think a new Fighting Vipers would have some potential. It would also mean more chances of Fighters Megamix 2, which is a good thing!

I don’t know what people thought of FV2 in general, but I have heard that the DC port in particular was awful. Worse than VF3tb.

Seems like early Model 3 ports didn’t go over any better than early Model 2 ports.

Even later Model3 ports weren’t as good as the real thing… a large part of the problem with VF3/tb was that Genki handled the port instead of SEGA/AM2… which was highly disappointing.

I’m not too familiar with the technical details, but both Model3 (PPC) and Dreamcast (SH4) were RISC-based, so it shouldn’t have been terribly difficult to pull off a good port… then again I remember Model3 being ridiculously overpowered during that era, so I could be wrong. Maybe the differences in performance between Dreamcast and Model3 were significant (It was clear that Model2 was vastly superior to the Saturn). Too lazy to look it up on wikipedia.

I never played FV2, I really should at some point in my life.