What was your earliest Street Fighter memory?

Mine was street fighter I. I remember the horrible jumpy graphics, like an over-clocked KungFu Master, but with more colours. The cab was in a dingy arcade in Dublin city, on a street that mimicked Birdies stage. I think I played it less than ten times because it was so impossibly inconsistant to get fireballs or hurricanes out.

The next incarnation was probably my most expensive venture yet, I could have bought a small house with the money I spent on Street Fighter II. My older brother and I would skip school and play it in the local bowling alley (which is now gone in place of a massive shopping centre). We had permemant blisters that turned into shoryuken pads between our left middle and ring fingers. I can honestly say I failed my first round of college because of the time spent learning Guiles full screen ‘magic throw’, handcuffs, game freeze and power reset.

I’ll always associated the sound of ChunLi getting KO’d with the smell of ten-pin bowling machines clunking in the background, plus the smell of damp bowing machine grease and blue neon strip lighting (psychologist needed). The scene on Sf2 cabs was great back then. Occasionally someone would crack the coin mech on one and it wouldn’t be noticed for a few days. Smokey athmos, school uniforms in our schoolbags. One arcade would open for a few months, do badly, and then open it’s doors for a free for all… £5 at the door (Sf2 all-you-can-play-buffet) , trying to re-coop losses from a bad venture… should have got more black-jack machines.

The worst SF2 cab I played on (beside the cheap, seaside town ‘Rainbow edition’ versions from Asia, yuk) was a cab in an underground shopping centre in Paris in '93. It had a ‘Simon Says’ quad-sectioned round ‘velocity pad’. The pad doubled as a multi-input device. The top/bottom two quadrants pressed together would equal Hard (Fierce). I played for maybe a minute.

Later years, when the game hit super nintendo consoles, we would somehow beg, borrow and steal the £100 deposit to rent a console out and play tournies for a whole weekend. Buying a console was out of the question.

Sadly, the arcade scene never rekindled over here, in Ireland, for sf4, not one cab to be seen. Although I play occasional casuals with some like minded ssf4 ae addicts in a gaming centre in Dublin once a month. I would love to have the arcade scene of the us or asia in some form over here. You guys are so lucky. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and Blanka could be ko’d with two st.hp’d stuffed rolls haha. Now that’s oldskool.

A pic of a trophey my bro won playing a Sf2 Turbo tournament, circ '95?

Two memories, both when I was little and playing OG SF2

  1. Playing at Space Station at Northridge Mall - some Guile player had been on a huge streak, playing at least 2 hours straight and there was a huge crowd - I beat him w/ Honda, my first time using him.

  2. At Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills - I had a long streak with Ryu and some guy told me to “stop cheesing”. He then said “you better lose” and pulled a knife - fun times…

I remember queueing for SF2 in Dublin city when I was still quite young. We used to put 20p or 50p on the glass, next in line.
Some big lad came along and robbed my 50p off the glass and walked off, probably to spend it on the poker machines or some crap.
I went after him and tried to get it back and he threateningly told me ‘where to go’. I was only a small skinny lad, no match for him… so…
I found the biggest bouncer in the place, told him what had happened and he went over to him and grabbed him from behind by both arms.
“This the guy?” The bouncer said.
“Yeah…” I replied.
I then sucker punched the bloke in the gut, ran out the back door of the arcade, down the alleyway at the back and another maybe five blocks.

I found SF2 at Bowling World which was a few blocks away from my grandmothers. Played it quite a bit then and whenever I got to go to the mall. Used Blanka, Ryu, and Guile mostly. I remember buying it for SNES when it came out at Toys R Us for the low price of $80.

i played sf2 the first time on my best friends SNES! we played it a few weeks a couple of hours a day. we didnt have a movelist, so we only figured out how to hadouken, tatsu and mash moves! all the other moves, especialy the charge moves came out by accident and we never found out how to do them!
we saw the ai doing vega’s wall climb move and we were like "WWOOOOOOOT?"
we mashed the shit out of our pads but that move never came out…little did we know…

good times :smiley: