What was your favorite arcade game from the 80s and 90s?



watch and vote! i missed out on games like super sprint, forgotten worlds, golden axe, and silkworm to name a few.


Mine was always Time Crisis


I won’t mention any fighting games, despite this thread being posted on a fighting game website, but a couple of my favorites were 1944: The Loop Master and Virtual On


Afterburner with the tilting cabinet. I Could do that ALL day.



STUN Runner. Saw this as a child… mind blown


Full stun runner cabs were incredible. And the game was easy so you could play for a while.

I really liked “aliens”. Basically contra + streets of rage based on the movie. Michael jackson arcade was 3 players and amazing.

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when alpha 3 hit…It was over. good times. then right after Tekken Tag. damn those two are equals to me. the memories…


Battletoads, motherfucker.


Metal Slug!


That too! And Sonic. Oh God, countless hours of Sonic.




rad mobile… loved that game… was surprised the first time i beat it on one quarter…[media=youtube]5XncxT0qd1o[/media]

also was into the driving shooting craze… loved spyhunter …

speed rumbler aka rush n crash

aliens 1990 wasted many quarters on this one

another favorite one was
aliens vs predator


ones that I actually played in real arcades on real hardware? Turtles in Time, Strider, Metal Slug X, Super Hang On, L.A. Machine Guns, Baseball Stars 2, Daytona USA. Sega and SNK really knew how to take my money back then, shame it isn’t working out so good for them these days.


This. I remember an arcade in my mall called Timeout, and I used to go there all day and play that shit. It’s what made me wanna be a fighter pilot (that and the movie, iron Eagle). Needless to say, Afterburner is as far as I got :frowning:


I feel your pain my brother. Still, I terrorize the digital skies with controller in hand. PS3+AF: Climax DLC = It don’t stop!!



I saw one of the tilting cabinets for sale in eBay or Craigslist one, can’t remember, but I was tempted to take out a loan for and put that bad boy in my garage, no matter what the cost. Gotta protect the skies at all cost


If I won the lottery I would shell out the dough for a four player Outrun 2 machine
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this BEHEMOTH of arcade opulence would be played every day.


Boy, so many titles. Admittedly much of them I discovered through emulation.

WWF Wrestlefest. Fun game. I still remember this older kid getting me into a throw loop. I remember that to this day.

Capcom’s Alien VS Predator, Capcom’s Punisher… Just fucking amazing games. Best licensed beat 'em ups. Just amazingly good.

Metal Slug trilogy. I prefer X over 2 though.


Wrestlefest fan here too, though unfortunately I hadnt the chance to play it on the arcades. Only once when we went on a school trip did I watch my friend finish the game with two coins.We played the game a few years later through Raine emulator a lot.

I had played a lot of arcade ports on the Amiga in the late-80s. Most were AtariST ports but at least Amiga had the better music.
they were the best available conversions at that time, till the arrival and establishment of PC-Engine and Sega Megadrive. Though the Amiga monitor still had better and crisper picture quality than analog televisions.

Favourites (played on Amiga):

Wonderboy in Monsterland
The New Zealand Story
Snow Bros
Bubble Bobble
Rainbow Islands
Ninja Warriors
Golden Axe

(played in arcades)

Night Slashers (underrated horror beat-em-up)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master
Terminator 2 (real coin eater)
Bubble Bobble 2 (was impressed by the graphics)
Puzzle Pobble 4
Super Sidekicks 1
Virtua Tennis 2
Vampire Night


Off the top of my head:

(non-fighting games)
X-Men Arcade - This game ate my allowance on the weekends.
Metal Slug
Double Dragon
Revolution X
Turtles in Time
Terminator 2
Daytona USA
Silent Scope
Cruisin USA