What was your favorite match of AE Top 8 and why?

What was your favorite top 8 match and why?

PR Rog v Infiltration was like a deep breath of fresh air… Followed by shouting ‘HOLY SHIT!’ several times at my monitor.

Haitani v Gamerbee would get my vote if I could vote twice.

Haitani Gamerbee. Every match with him, imo.

PR Rog was also amazing, particularly v Infil.

Tokido vs Infil because of the crowd chanting Akuma fireball sound effects was godlike. The match itself wasn’t the most exciting. I still remember one guy yelling “Bring up the Heet!” Lost it.

Infiltration´s Hakan beating PR Rogs Balrog through great reads and heavy footsie game. Considering Balrogs strength at footsies, it makes the win even more better, still a bit sad for PR Rog losing , after a great run.

Gotta go with the majority here, seeing PR Rog get blown up by that Hakan was seriously the most hype shit ever. Xian and his Gen though, seriously wow… Amazing stuff as well.

Sako vs Xian because dat Evil Ryu nomsayin

PR Rog vs Infiltration. I love games when a player switches out. Reminded me of JWong vs Daigo when he went Abel>Balrog (neither of which were his main). Even when you lose in that situation, provided you don’t eat shit, it’s still a small victory to be able to rock up to a tournament with 2 characters that you can confidently be competetive with.

Hakan was immense though, put him completely off his game.

Infiltration vs Sako because I wanted to see this match for a long time. The Infil vs PR Rog match was the most hype one though :smiley:

Gamerbee vs Haitani was awesome, that is a disadvantaged match up for Makoto and Gamerbee is pretty much “the” Adon of SFIV.

PR Rog vs Haitani was what I wanted for the finals, it was a good match but PR Rog took this very convincingly.

PR Rog vs Infiltration was the closest match and most exciting, but the result was heartbreaking which is why I didn’t vote for this one.