What ways do you guys improve your reaction times?

I’m a newbie to fighting games and I find that my reaction times are miserable. I know what to do but I can’t execute in time. Are there any exercises or things you pros do to improve/maintain your reaction times? Thanks!

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Consider your opponent’s options.
  2. Anticipate.
  3. Don’t hesitate. When the time comes, just act.
  4. Don’t give up. Trust your instincts.

And you mileage may vary, but try using the recording function in training mode to get you started. Other than that, the only way you’ll truly get better is to apply any and everything in matches to see what does and doesn’t work.

KumaOsa covered what I would have said.

Basically, if you know your opponent could do say, 1 of 3 options, it’s far easier to react. Conversely, if you didn’t expect it you’re not going to react very well at all. With experience you’ll learn the options in the game and be more comfortable anticipating moves.

I never trained my reaction time

but you can go into training mode and use random block, which is there for that very reason

you can do fadc ultra/throw

take speed.

Make your counters/execution second nature. Learn to limit your opponents option; then everything KumaOso said becomes a whole lot easier.

Also, feeling optimistic, being unafraid to lose, having fun and overall feeling good about yourself and life also helps.

Easier said then done. Everything here comes with practice, you can’t just do all this shit by thinking about it, the game and it’s movements have to become second nature before you’ll be able to succesfully do this.

So #1 is practice! Alot. Against real people. Learn your character and matchups through and through.

Play a lot? Eating healthy also helps with thinking process, got food poisoning from fast food because my body was rejecting it, vomited and constipated for three days straight. Though it’s not as bad as the time I got a severe toothache. Not turtling also helps, if anything turtling dulls the mind by being very repetitive.

Thanks for the info

it’s going to take a lot of practice, unfortunately.

Improving your reaction time in my opinion is the most boring thing ever but it’s definitely worth it because it feels like you’ve went past what your limitations and that you can do anything.

good until the turtling part. turtling definitely trains your reactions if you do it right. you need to appropriately think and react to whatever offensive maneuver, pattern, or variation of pattern layers they try.


I read an article somewhere about Starcraft 2 players who train themselves to increase their APM (actions per minute) by doing karate-kid like stuff. The funniest example was from a group of kids living together in a Starcraft 2 training house and their coach had them flipping light switches on and off in 10 minute sets.

I’d suggest learning some popular matchups. If you know what to expect from someone it helps speed up reaction time because you’re ready for what they’re throwing at you. Other than that, really just play more and more. You’ll notice that your whole game will get faster, including reaction times. I lose to good players who play very quickly and don’t give me too much time to think and plan during a match.

get LOTS of sleep