What we want to see in SFIV Dash


Keep character specific stuff in character specific threads. Most of them have a wishlist already.

This is for game related things.
And if it’s specific to PS3, 360, PC then note that.


Do not allow people with low framerate to play ranked/championship games. i.e. Require people to run the benchmark and/or use the previous match as a reference.

Default the framerate setting to Fixed.

All Versions:

More stages. There should at least be 10 total. And changing the lighting on an existing stage does not = new stage! SNK games used to do day/night/rain/etc changes between rounds. I’d love to see that in SFIV Dash.
But at the least, give us more stages!


I’m curious…do people even see the stage they are fighting in during a fight? I honestly don’t even see the background.




Less complaining. :smile:


If there would be only 1 stage and that would be just brown backround, nothing else. Can you honestly say it would not matter?

Time changing stages, hell yeah

Car smashing, barrel beatdown and a new secret game. How about Reverse Builder where you could destroy the houses where other characters live. It would randomly select cast members house. Every house would be built differently so you would have to use different techs.

Edit. There should also be a window in the house, you know like Sagat watching inside the house when you are stripping down the walls and roof. Epic.


I do, I love the stages in sf4. All the little things going on in the background are awesome.


Group lobbies. So friends or whoever can take turns playing the winner. Non-players can chat and/or watch the match. Perhaps allow multiple matches in the same group.


At the moment I can only remember 3 stages in the whole game - the diner one, the Middle Earth one, and the training mode one.


Twelve Dudley and Ibuki


Char specific stages



sounds like someone wants 3 striiiiikeeee!!!

only thing that matter is group lobbies.



i’m with the less complaining post. a few tweeks would be nice, but nothing drastic. this game is good. (i rarely play online)


A minigame like in the older ones.


My only complaint with the game as it stands really. I don’t understand why it’s not in there but I’m sure they thought about it and decided not to go that route.


-Stricter input window.
-Smaller reversal window.
-Fix that crap where some characters idle motions and “get hit” motions cause moves to whiff.
-Remove auto-flipping.

Im pretty sure none of those will happen though. It would make the game less casual friendly.


nerf teleport

  • more stages, character specific ones.

  • at least 4 player lobbbies.

  • Ibuki but no one else from 3s.


Not that capcom gives a shit about what we suggest…but

would be cool if we could create character outfits like in tekken dr.


Why is this requested so much? I thought people would like having their moves come out when they try to do them.


Umm, thats not the issue here.
The issue is inputting for a haduken and getting a shoryuken instead, and vice versa.

In KOF12, i have ZERO problems of this sort. In sf4 not so much.


Less threads about SF4 Dash.