What were the stories in the Capcom Summer Special about?

As I live in Trinidad, I doubt that I would ever get the chance to see or read about this comic. So to those who own it, what were the three stories about? (Feel free to give a complete narration)

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The three stories were …

Street Fighter:
After Bison was taken down by Charlie, Chun Li figured bison was really dead and quit Interpol. She decided to go back to some sort of normal life in England(i think it was england). A truck turns around the corner and Birde is driving it, dropping gold bricks out the back. Chun li jumps in to action and falls in love with her job again and goes and asks for her job back.

Morrigan is recently born and Belial looks into her future and sees her to be the strongest there is. However her power will consume and kill her and everyone else too. So belial takes her powers away from her until she’s old enough to recieve them again.

Rival Schools:
A new shool opens up and this girl (Koi-captain of the volley ball team?) goes to look into it but get challenged to a game of Extreme Volleyball by on of the new schools teacher and get “served”. lol

That’s it.

Irish Gamer, I feel the need to correct your Rival Schools one because you don’t know who Natsu is.

Rival Schools: Sakura gets an email from Hinata to catch her up on evertything that’s been going on since she left to train with Ryu. Then Hinata and Natsu stumble upon the new Justice High School where Natsu get’s schooled in volleyball by Hideo because he uses Hadoken’s n’ shit.

yeah …

Yeah … i don’t know anything about RS … thanks … all in all i still got the general idea of it down.

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Where can one procure a copy of Project Justice? I know where I can get a Dreamcast cheap and the only thing stopping me is the lack of Project Justice.

And is the Cammy VS Deejay Backup story in the SF Summer special comic?

No the Cammy Vs. Deejay was only in that Anime Magazine … HOWEVER … if you pick up ROund 2 Fight! TPB … the Chunlie back story AND Cammy Vs. Deejay are BOTH in there. So all we need is the Sagat Back story. Ohh … and by the way … the Morrigan back story was in the Devil’s Due Free Comic Day issue …

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Which Anime Magazine?
Sagat Back story…? Where I do find it?
TPB books have the back stories of the issues? What about ‘Cheap Shots’?
Besides, can somebody tell me which issues have back stories?

I think the Anime Magazine was Dreamwave or something…I forgot which issue it was in though! ^^

An issue of Gamepro from a few years ago had the Sagat Back Story.

The TPB Books only have the main stories of the issues. The only backstories that it has are the Cammy/Deejay one and the Chun Li Summer one. It doesn’t have Cheap Shots/Street Fighter Mini.

All of the issues that are available have back stories.

Sagat back story done by UDON?
Is the ChunLi’s Capcom Summer Special story in issue #11 (or #12…)?

To clearify, the Sagat story was printed exclusively in an issue of Gamepro magazine (sorry, I do not know the issue number).

The Deejay and Cammy story was printed in Newtype magazine. This story is freely and legally available at the artist’s, Andrew Hou (eJoo), official site (click on his cartoon portrait and look at the lowest most thumbnails):


The TPBs do not contain Cheapshots/SF Mini or any back stories found in the monthly issues. These are exclusive to the monthly issues. Every monthly issue has Cheapshots/SF Mini and all but issue 6 contains a back story.

The first TPB collects SF # 0 in addition to the main story of issues 1-6. The second TPB collects the Deejay and Cammy story originally found in Newtype magazine and the Chun Li story originally found in Capcom Summer Special in addition to the main story of issues 7-14.

Which back story is in issue 6? Besides all stories said in this thread, is there any story more? Does somebody know where I can read this Sagat ‘Deep Scars’?

I forgot where i got …

… my scans of Deep Scars … but seeing as i’m at work i can’t send them to you. I had a yahoo site with the scans on but that’s down now. If you look you’ll find it … or just be patient … i’m sure UdonEko will put them in one of the TPB’s coming up … (if there are 2 tpbs for SF2 i fore see Deep Scars and Bison’s origin being the back up stories.)

can you send your scans to me?