What were they thinking?! Player match,timer,snapbacks,etc


I just got the game 2 weeks ago, first impressions…

Why is there no player match option? All i wanna do is rematch a friend without having to pick characters gems stage n load all over again. Matches last a minute or two and it takes longer than that to get into the damn fight! What were they thinking?! It takes all the hype out of a close match when you gotta wait so long to get back into it. All the past SF4s had it n Marvel has it, did they forget? No wonder nobody wants this game at tournaments it must suck the life out of anyone watching.

And anytime i have a good close well thought out match the timer expires. Is that gonna be fixed?

I dont know whether snapbacks would be a good idea or not but its worth some thought. Idreally like to see a 1vs 1 mode where everone just has a fixed amount added to their health but i doubt that will happen n even if it did theres still the timer issue…

Also if theyre gonna update this game into next year can something be done about the lack of variation in how characters play? Iwas in a lobby n someone said “Every ryu plays the same” n it got me thinking that if i see that same Heihachi combo again that drags on forever im gonna be sick. Its like fighting robots half the time. Some of the problem is the players but it must also be in the design. I use Xiaoyu and i feel like due to her stances n whatnot she doesnt suffer from this as much and ive never seen 2 people approach her the same. Maybe because i dont see alot of people using her at all but maybe thats because why bother when u can learn 1 combo with Hei and be on your way… SFxTK is a good game with the potential to be great but as of now I understand why its being so overlooked. (Not counting on disc DLC which was the main problem and biggest negative in reviews, I got mine used for that very reason)

My 2 cents. Opinions welcomed.


BTW i didnt put this in a general thread or anything because i wanted to discuss these things specifically as opposed to a big general discussion


I have that problem with Rufus, dive kick mash L until confirm boost combo. In any game people are going to do the combo or setup that rewards them the most,thats just how tactics play out. Why do Seth/viper/ibuki/akuma players do the same vortex/combo setups? Because it rewards them the most.

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If you’re just buying this game and coming from SF4 AE then it’s best you forget about everything you learned in that game and expect nothing like SF4…well not everything…just most of it. The timer could be tweaked to slowdown but the problem is people not maximizing damage among other things. I would’ve loved a player match as well but I’m pretty sure you could setup a lobby just like a player match in endless and rematch your buddy over and over but I’m guessing it’s the back and forth to the character select screen that bothers you instead of just hitting rematch and automatically going back into battle. As far as every player playing the same I could remain neutral on that. I can only hope you’re not playing scrubs all day long. A lot of people do tend to copycat other people’s play styles but all the good players have their own unique play styles for certain characters. Most people are gonna go to that one go to combo that rewards them the most and does the most damage so that’s why you will see some of the same combos.




What were you thinking buying this game!? No seriously…



I say that every time someone makes a thread like this.


I love SF. Waited n got it used for 30 bucks because the on disc dlc. It has problems but its worth what i paid for sure IMO.

Not to be a smartass but why? Does it happen alot and are they not valid points to discuss?


I should make a thread. I’ll call it:

“Post The Worst Thread Topics You’ve ever seen”

This will surely make an appearance.


ummm ok. surely.

You must really be bored to sit around commenting and watching threads you hate. Im o
n this board for 5 mins and already somebody going out of their way, and taking the time to be ignorant for no reason.


1.As opposed to 2 characters on a screen like in AE, there are now four that the game has to load and handle. (Lol) Why do you think the graphics are so much worse than AE? You probably can’t go right back into another game because the engine would have trouble loading all of it. Just keep pressing the button and the cursor should be on the last person you picked. It’s not a big fucking deal.

2.Matches will run out of time. It happens. I’m assuming you never played MVC2 very much…needless to say it’s not something that should warrant its own damn thread.

3.What do you mean no variation? Sure you have the standard Ryu clones (Ken, Dan, Akuma, ect.) but have you actually played anyone besides them? Come on now. There’s 55 characters. If you can’t find TWO that fit your playstyle then maybe that’s a sign that SF isn’t for you in general.

tl;dr: Quit yer’ bitchen’.


I disagree with most of what u wrote but appriciate you finally giving a response in relation to the subject of the thread