What were you expecting for a SFV at $60?


This is not a hate threat. I just want to know what where people´s expectations for $60. Personally, I was expecting Vanilla SFIV worth of content. Regarding the “FREE” updates, I will have to see them to believe them. FREE is what Nintendo did with Splatoon. You turn on your machine, and the update was there FREE. Capcom is talking about giving us the option of purchasing content with FM or dollars. Knowing Capcom, it would not be that surprising that the FM requirements are ridiculous so that people would have to spend their hard earned cash.


Personally, I think that a videogame is like a work of art. You cant finish a work of art and then sell it in pieces. You sell it complete so that it can be enjoyed. Afterwards, if you have something that makes it better, sell it. I do not think is a hard concept to understand. Capcom already did it with the upgrade of Vanilla SFIV to SSFIV. The timing and the amount of new content was just right. It showed a company that care abouts its customers and product.


As far as I’m aware it’s only characters that will cost fight money, new modes etc will be free.
It’s pretty slim atm in terms of modes but what is there I’m enjoying and looking forward to the next update.
I bought the game knowing that it was releasing without some major modes so it didn’t bother me at all but I can see it from other players pov in the sense that they were prob expecting a lot more out of the box than they got so they have a right to feel hard done by.
What I’d say to them though is just be patient as I believe once all modes are introduced sfv will be a force!


I was expecting it to be 60 dollars worth of content for a tournament player as it was obvious (to anyone in the FGC) the game was entirely focused on catering to the FGC first. One of their mainline TV commercials even had footage of the FGC in it. As far as a business standpoint goes they shouldn’t have let this game go out the door for 60, but since they’re Capcom I think they’ll very much be able to survive either way. They’re the king of making mistakes and still staying on their feet.

It’s 2016, you don’t get every single game that releases with all free content. Most of the big games DONT have all free content. They know that so that’s why they went with what they did. They do give you an OPTION for getting all of the characters for free and have said that they daily challenges that start in March will let you easily buy characters with small time investment per day or every other day. You’re not going to have to MMO grind forever to get characters.

All game modes and options are truly free though. When they come you get them at no real or fight money cost. Which means everyone can play the basic game whenever it changes without grinding or dollars.

Characters can be bought with fight money whereas premium costumes and other possible content can only be bought with Zenny. Meaning the dollar focus is on costumes, not characters. People who get into the game 2 years later may have to settle for only getting some characters for free while purchasing others, but by that time I’m sure they’ll have sales in the Capcom store or on their Season passes.


So let me get this straight:

  1. Is not like one day you will play the game and the character will just be there in the roster selection .New characters will require FM. It has been confirmed that you can get enough FM to purchase a character with just a couple of hours worth of game time.
  2. Costumer will cost dollars (no problem there for me)
  3. Anything else will be free.

Just one more thing. I read somewhere that a new character will cost around 2000 FM. However, you can only get in average 50 FM per fight won. So you will have to win like 40 fights to be able to get them. is that true?


I expected:

  • Arcade mode with fully animated and voiced prologue, rival battle, boss/sub boss and ending movies.
  • Team Battle mode for coop vs cpu and coop vs coop fun.
  • Unlockable fan art, concept art, developer commentary, past soundtracks, retro stages, costumes etc. etc.
  • 8-16 man lobbies with an arcade machine setup like in Guilty Gear Xrd.
  • Fast loading times
  • Highly customizable fighter card
  • Chatrooms, a friendlist and a mailbox
  • Fully fleshed out cinematic story mode
  • A complete tutorial that covers all bases and let’s you selectively decide what to learn next. Again, like in GG Xrd
  • Style combo and practical combo challenges
  • Something retarded but yet fun. Anything actually. Like M.O.M. in Xrd or Alpha 3 World Tour mode, Soul Calibur’s mission mode or that crappy beat 'em up mode like in Tekken 3
  • A netcode that works flawlessly after 5 fucking betas + stress tests
  • An anti-cheat background program to ensure fair play among most of the players like VAC or Warden.
  • Automatic online tournaments for exclusive colors/costumes/titles/icons
  • Replay group viewing feature to check shit with your opponents/friends
  • Spectator modes for watching games that are played at the moment
  • Memory function in training mode and rebindable training mode shortcuts
  • Not having to wait until 0 points xp and 0 points fight money get added to my fucking profile after a lobby match, but instead an instant rematch button

But yeah I covered most bases, I could nitpick on shitty implementation of features for 3 pages straight once I take notes about what annoys me when playing online, but those are the biggest fuck-ups for me personally.


You’re really misinformed here.

It will cost 100,000 FM per character. You won’t get them very fast just doing ranked all day unless you are Infiltration.

They are making the game so that multiplayer people AND people who only do single player can have enough challenges and things to do to get the characters. Even if you are somebody that does 0 online play they want you to get the characters. They haven’t said exactly how much FM you will get per challenge, but they have already said those will be the best way to earn FM.

Everything else is free, yes.


I expected it to have 80-90% of what Street Fighter IV had.
Arcade Mode
VS mode
Ranked Online
Casual Online
20 characters

I’m fine with the characters they have though. They all seem really capable. I’d rather have that than 5 extra characters that seem like after thoughts.


What I expected:

Training mode
Some shallow story or other single player mode(s) that I wouldn’t spend more than 2 minutes on
Functional online

…2/3 ain’t bad?

idk, as someone who followed the game closely up to release I knew what I was getting on launch. I can see how people who didn’t follow the news might feel that they’re not getting their money’s worth atm however.


I expected a tournament ready game with decent rollback netcode on launch because I knew the game was rushed and Capcom clearly gave us all the info and even a years road map on the games content so no surprises.


I knew the game was going to be a bit content bare at launch. However, I expected an Arcade Mode, Versus CPU mode, and online lobbies that held more than two players.


A game where I don’t get disconnected from lounge often


While I don’t personally care about the single player content, I definitely expected there to be just as much as SF4 had as far as arcade modes go and trials go.

I also expected online aspect to not be shittier than the beta, after having 5 betas plus random stress tests.

I expected the matchmaking to not be the same as the beta, where it would take fucking forever between matches, but the matchmaking is still the same.

I expected spectator mode + more than 2 person lobbies.

I expected to be able to fucking save my training mode AND fight request options between powering on my PS4, but nope, simple shit like that can’t even be fixed.

I expected the gravity bug in the vs screen to be gone since that has been around since July 2015 with the “first” beta.

And finally, I expected it to be much different than the beta, because you know. ComboFiend told us it would be.

But nope, once again Capcom is just being Capcom and at the end of the day they have us by the balls because the gameplay is actually really good, and when online matches are working, they are also really good.

I am also SUPER FUCKING HAPPY that I canceled my collectors edition the Saturday prior to release and just stuck with the normal one. Had I wasted the extra $40 on the CE I would have been pretty salty.


Free online play


60 dollars thing is funny since anyone who has a PC knows where to get it for nearly half the price.

Online is free on PC too.


$60 = 60 hours of gameplay. Hit 25% of that by the first weekend, having a lot of fun with it in both online and offline versus, have no doubt I’ll get the other 75% fulfilled up.

If the game turns out to be competitively viable beyond the first couple of months (still have latent fear of another SFxT, which failed internally, or a Yatagarasu, which failed externally) then I’ll get 10 times that.

Either way, fighting games are almost always a sound investment for me.


A techincal game that catered to the long time fans of the game, not boons. This is Footsie Fighter V, not Street Fighter. Really disappointed in the game.


Serious question, can you “detect” technical in the first week?

Even from AE to Ultra, I didn’t have a picture of how good/bad it was until a month or so in. For the first month, people were trying absolutely anything as they reshuffled their mains etc, took a while to hit a datum where I could properly read and respond in a game again.

Likewise, I felt Yatagarasu was a near-perfect fighter, yet now the lobbies are empty because seemingly it lacked something to a lot of people.


Implying big name Japanese companies give you value for your buck nowadays.
They know people are going to buy it regardless, so they give you bare bones shit.


I was expecting the servers to work better than they were. Maybe not on the first day, but at least by that weekend. The game finally became worth playing with Monday’s patch, for me at least.

Anyone who was expecting more than that must not have been paying attention to any of the announcements(not a sin, video game news isn’t a priority for many people). They said the game wouldn’t have all of it’s content and the planned single player modes would be in a free update. I don’t see any reason to believe that won’t be the case, but if you wanna be paranoid about it, go right ahead.

As for the DLC, fight money is easy to earn in single player, even with the small amount of content we currently have. You should be at least able to get the first character for free. But honestly, they didn’t need to give us the ability to unlock the DLC through the game at all. They could have just made them purchasable for cash only, and that would have been par for the course. They are under no obligation to give away DLC, especially when that is supposed to be how they pay to support this game for its entire life span. Be grateful that you can unlock characters for free, as most games won’t give you that option.