What were your favorite matches?




The KoF finals Bala Vs MadKOF was crazy. They put on a demo of how to play KOF, that match had me up out of my seat multiple times. Bala’s Takuma was just sick, MadKOF’s Chin was a drunken killer. It was exactly the kind of match you expect to see at an EVO final, two of the best in the world going head to head.


Daigo vs Gamerbee was EPIC

Bala vs Mad|Kof was hype!


ChrisG vs Filipino Champ was awesome but Bala vs Mad KOF takes the cake.


Yer. What an intense set that was. I think Bala finally met his match.


Xiaohai vs. Gamerbee was the only really good, competitive match in AE top 8, though seeing Infiltration blow through everybody was fun. I feel like Xiaohai is better at KOF98 than anyone else has ever been at any fighting game (he beats Japan’s best with random select) simply because his raw ability in terms of execution and reactions is crazy, and we saw some of that with his Cammy reaction Ultraing stuff that should not be humanly reactable. Shame he choked at the end.

ChrisG vs. FChamp was fun although spoiled a bit by the slop.

BALA vs. MadKoF was crazy, best match of the tournament easily.


Gamerbee vs. Daigo felt fradulent : /
Infiltration was just amazing. I knew he’d win if he won the first set vs. Daigo in Top8, but I expected it to be close. Was I ever wrong. Had ton collect my poor jaw from the floor after that and then just start laughing like an idiot. Moments like that when someone just ascends to become untouchable are some of the best in the game.
Daigo vs. Woolie was surprisingly good.


I wonder why Daigo didn’t pick up on Infiltration’s focus attack methods after round 1 let alone 2. And Woolie really had low expectations for himself from his Pre EVO video. But I agree, he did really well vs Daigo


modok players frutsy defeating marlinpie in umvc3


Bala vs MadKOF>everything else


kusumondo vs afrolegends, hands down the best display of skill


Infiltration vs Daigo… too good. It just shows how prepared (for everyone in top 8) he was.


Too many to list. Reynalds Top 8 match was up there, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.


That Xiao Hai choke was pretty funny because he’s not an amateur and is a pretty long standing tournament fighter in China. But regardless how many tournaments he went to in China, I doubt he had been to a tournament the size of EVO (or anyone else in the world for that matter). So yes, Xiao Hai and especially Human Bomb choked (first timer) badly.

Bala vs. MadKOF my favorite, and I don’t even play KOF or take note of it.