What will be the deal breaker on SF X Tekken?


Based on what’s out there (which isn’t much) it looks like a pretty solid game. Though I’ve read that Focus Attacks have been removed. I’m not a fan of SSF4 but I’m curious on how this game turns out. But, what will be the deal breaker for you guys? For me it will be if the Input Shortcuts return and Ultras that do 50% damage return.


If they fire Ono.


The deal has already been broken for being a crossover game.


You mentioned it… shortcuts. It’ll turn me off of any game they make in the future. Out of all the things I can’t stand about the SF4 series, the shortcuts are the most infuriating element and hold the most weight in my distaste for the game. The game just doesn’t feel as tight and responsive as a 2D fighter should. It actually reminds me of Brawl.

Also, the game HAS to be at least 3x faster than SSF4.


Somebody give SynikaL some gold stars :slight_smile:


No retarded reversal window.
No abundance of 1-frame links.

At least for me.


If it has Kuma and Blanka.


Why do so many people hate on 1 frame links? Do you have something against practicing? Everyone says reversals and shortcuts should be harder but they don’t want the only hard thing left in sf4 because it’s hard. Confusing



Video game nerds… :shake:


Retarded bread and butter combos don’t add anything to the game, they just make it a chore to play.


Links are a bore to practice. An abundance of them in regards to BnBs that give BnB damage is just not good gameplay to a lot of people. Difficulty of execution should be justified by the rewards and most of the links are hardly justified via damage, or any other pleasure incentive intrinsic to the game. You could make the argument that a lot of 1-framers aren’t needed to be competitive, but that’s a bad argument due to the pressures of competition - not to mention the desire for a lot of people to get as much “game” out of their game as possible.


huge reversal windows + low block stun + auto block + link combos = shitty combat system


if I can’t do Kazuya EWGF xx Tag Abel xx U1 :frowning:

that and if I can still get throw out of my limbs when its clearly in your body frames. wtf


The roster being guaranteed to contain 0 characters I like (Or at least don’t hate).


if i don’t have lee then fuck sf vs tk.


+bad throws + huge life bar + weird hitboxes + extremely wide stages + focus attack back dash cancel


Cast is breaker for me. They must have 1 or more warrior on each side we don’t see in SSF4 or Tekken 6.


you can only switch at the end of a round too, correct?
anyway, the game in and of itself is a deal breaker to me. bring on ttt2 and mvc3. i don’t care about either cross over from namco and capcom (sf x tekken or tekken x sf).


If all the SF characters we get are already in SSF4 AE.


im curious as to why you find the latter to be particularly degenerative