What will happen if I play without a Gate

Hi i was wondering would I harm my joystick if I play without the gate on my Sanwa JLW thanks for any input.

Playing without a gate would be like dividing by zero.

Only bad things can come of this.

Seriously i don’t see why you couldn’t, you’d have to put some extra screws it it to hold the switches still where the gate would normally hold them. Just take yours apart and see what you will need to add.

I never really took the time to figure out what it was the gate did. I thought it was there to restrict movement. I wasnt aware that it also holds the switches in place…I just hate the corners. I want it to be smooth and cornerless…

If you’re playing on a JLW you could try to use a Circular gate.

maybe its tiem to go with an ascii flash or p360

or you should recanize that square gate is a gift from the gods themselves

your movement would be off, and your throw wouldn’t be constant. I highly advise against it.

wouldn’t it fuck up your microswitches?

there wouldn’t be any microswitches to fuck up, as they’re mounted ont the gate

I can’t think of a single stick that has the switches mounted on the gate.

couldnt you just pop off the inner gate (the center square gate) and you can have a cornerless 8 way.

theyre just kept on by the gate.
but you can just screw the switches on if you want to.

That only applies to a JLF. JLWs use a different type of gate.

Your skill will become… unlimited!!! :nunchuck:

If you play on a Japanese joystick without a gate, you will fuck over your microswitches.

in before sanwa flash interesting?

get the GT-0 Round Restrictor Plate from lizard lick.