What will happen: No Home Button on a PS3/PC controller?


I’ve got a killer deal for a complete Sanwa setup on a decent looking acrylic case (looks a lot like b15sdm’s to be honest :frowning: ) for super cheap. The only downside is it will only support 2 function buttons. As a result I find myself having to choose between start/select/home for these two spots. I have about 7 hours left to make a decision regarding this purchase, so I would appreciate any input.

I play KOF XIII which requires select to access certain characters. As a result I’m thinking of just removing the home button. I know most of the time when I turn on a ps3 it requires I press the home button on the controller. If I have this plugged into USB without a home button, will it still recognize and operate?


don’t most custom pcb’s have start+select=home config


Yeah, stateside maybe. It ain’t easy out here in China. I’m dealing with a sales rep as the company’s tech is on holiday today. He doesn’t know shit and I don’t have the ability to test it. China is having ridiculous sales today due to holidays. For 80 bucks I can get a q4-s3 from Qanba’s official outlet. The thing is this acrylic beast is sexy as hell and only 65 bucks. It uses all sanwa parts.


You don’t need a home button. just keep a dualshock3 near you while you play and press home when you need to. it automatically shuts off after a couple minutes anyway so you aren’t wasting battery while you play.


So let’s say I have 1 acrylic controller with no home button, 1 ds3, and one all button controller with the home button… What happens when I have the acrylic plugged in, turn on with DS3, plug in the all button controller? I mean DS3 and ABC can both change their controller number, but the acrylic cannot. So what position will it sit?


Wired controllers always get priority over wireless. Say I have my PS360+ stick plugged in. If I turn the system on with the DS3 using the Home button, the PS360+ still comes up as controller 1. You can then use the stick as controller 1 to play your games and use the DS3 as a Home remote.


i don’t know if this is relevant, but my stick doesn’t have a home button either (ps1 pcb with usb converter). i shift the position of the stick by adjusting the pad’s position; the stick will always take on the lowest position that isn’t already in use. so, i think that if you adjust the positions of your ds3 and abc to be positions 2 and 3, you can indirectly force your stick to take on position 1. i’ve never used more than two devices at once before, though.

it’s funny that you mention kof xiii, because before the patch, the game did NOT recognize controllers/sticks without a home button.


Right, the system will automatically swap your devices in a rotation. If you have 2 controllers then as you swap 1 to 2, 2 will become 1. No big deal.


Ehhh, I finally hunted down one of their techs and asked him to do it up. The problem now is not having 1 less function button than I need… the problem is now having one MORE. I don’t ever use turbo but that’s the only thing I can think of going in this slot. Thanks to everyone for your help. As an interesting side note, I plugged my all button controller into my ps3, turned on my ds3, and tried to use my ABC without touching the home button. No go.