What will happen when Justin wins ECC10

Me and Isaac are still taking bets.

X’s sentinel is hot

“Let’s pitch in and order a stripper to rub up against him while he plays.”

So that’s what Soo did back in '03…



Justin is top tier.

someone else host this…


try that link… worked for me.

yours was direct link blocked

what’s the thing he says before the guy in a deep voice says “That’s dirty”

edit: sweet… thanks

what does he say though?

oh ok thanks

anyone got the “Where are all the fan boys now?!”

right click > save target

“I’m the fucking champ, you will always be behind my back” - Justin to Sanford

“2-0, 3-0, Wassup?!” Justin and X to Sanford

TS5 footage! it’s classic! that was THE MOMENT when i was there! :tup:

Marvel’s already done. It’ll be done***r***

Sure Marvel will die.

where’s my “who the fuck cares” poll option at? :frowning:

he fuckin cheated , El salvador will settle things at evo

justin will get money when he wins

don’t hate on my tibby…
if justin wins, it will most likely not effect me at all… i would still play the same ammount and i will still suck…

Am I the only who thinks J wong sounded like Trick Daddy when he said “Wassup!!!?”

pft. When Justin wins ECCX, Marvel will still live for me. I will continue to play the damn game until I meet him in the finals. JUst Bring it foos :badboy:

maarvel will still live for me also and still the best out

plus i believe theres people that just cant make it to ECC or evo or big tournaments becasue of work or age and probably 10 times better then justin.so dont be thinking its over

KDC Marvel will win ECC this year for sure

That is some funny shit.



haha i think if anyone is better than justin that we would have heard or known about it by now