What will I need to fully mod an Astro City

I’m planning on buying an astro city cabinet. I was wondering what would I need to make it compatible with a 360/ps3. I also want to make it hd 1080p if possible by replacing the monitor. If anyone can help me out with what to get, it would be much appreciated.

PS3 and Xbox 360 compatibility can done done with a new controller PCB.
Your options are:

Cthulhu + Xbox 360 PCB
Chimp + Xbox 360 PCB
Paewang PCB
PS360+ (no word on release date)

Check the Dual Modding 101 thread for more details

Now for 1080p HD, yes you can replace the monitor. As for size or brand I can’t help you with.

So if I understand you correctly you basically want to gut an astro city and put in a xbox360 with a 1080p monitor. If that’s what your intention then completely forget about getting an Astro. Your better off getting a vewlix, kraylix, noir hd, or some “HD” based gaming machine that’s more inline for what you want. if you absolutely want to go with a old school style arcade machine and want to have some semblance of nice visuals I suggest a Blast City, NNC, Naomi Uni.

^- This.

Candy cabs should only ever be CRTs.

Like childsremix mention, get a Kraylix instead. Kray makes amazing cabs which are for modern consoles. Unless you have an Astro City only shell, please keep the CRT monitor.

It would be a tragedy to gut a fully working Astro City.